5 Myths that Make People Believe in Cleansing Liver


Liver is an organ that fulfils important functions in the organism, and its health depends on food quality. Bad eating habits are common. Lack of fastidiousness is often combined with irregular food. Many people suffer from liver problems not only at mature age, but also when being young. When our liver is not sick, we do not know where exactly it is, because it does not send any signs of warning.


Chemical wastes in liver

However, when anything goes wrong, we feel that immediately. Such problems are usually called “chemical wastes in liver”. But it is actually liver, gallbladder and biliary tracts disease. If the liver is in a good condition, it cleans organism from toxins. Liver manages to do that perfectly due to the evolutional development of a human organism. Even when you consume unhealthy food or poisonous liquid, in the beginning liver manages to cope with all these poisons. But protective function of our liver, as well as the one of the whole organism, gradually weakens under the influence of all those “dainties”. Pathological cyclic shifts in liver tissues start to appear. Viral, parasitical and bacterial infections may also be added to the list of negative results.

The majority of people diagnose themselves as having chemical wastes in the liver instead of undergoing a medical examination to get to know: “Why do I have a side stitch?” Furthermore, you may see how different ‘healers’ offer ultramodern ways of liver cleansing on popular web-sites and TV screens. It works from psychological side, as no one would like to think about the fact that he had done serious harm by improper attitude to his body, and it is a right time to visit a doctor.

Miraculous olive oil

olive oil

Of course, it is much simpler, as well as less expensive, to turn to non-traditional healers advertising their ways of treatment.

For example, here is one of their methods: on an empty stomach and with irrigated colonic you must sequentially drink with spoonfuls up to 400g. olive oil and up to 400g. lemon juice, interchanging components.

Lemon juice on an empty stomach

Different people may have low, normal or high secretion. It is even recommended to eat lemons, sour kinds of apples, etc., if you have low secretion. But if you have normal or high secretion, lemon juice may be a serious challenge to your mucous coat of stomach, duodenum, and cause inflammation.

Liver cleanse or a surgical table?

Vegetable oils stimulate work of your liver and intestines. One spoonful of vegetable oil is considered to be a reliable remedy from constipation. That is why a large amount of oil gives very strong effects. Liver must work very hard in order to process such amount of oil. One of the main liver functions is producing gall. Gall accumulates in the gallbladder. Intensive oil intake makes gallbladder and its ducts produce a huge amount of gall. Such a procedure may disturb gallstones as they are solid and fragile, and is followed by colic. If a moving stone obstructs ducts, the patient will need gallbladder surgery. If you are not confident in your gallbladder, it is better not to try such extreme procedures. But there are no gallstones in liver. Black gallstones are not soluble, it is impossible to remove them in a conservative way. Brown gallstones are badly soluble. Most often they are situated in gall ducts. Galls are caused by different liver infections. Gray-yellow plastic gallstones can be removed by conservative treatment. There are medical methods of removing gallstones by medicinal professionals.

Cleansing enemas

All liver cleansingstart from taking an enema, usually frequently and in large amounts. Does it help you or harm you more when you take an enema? A human organism is very complicated and balanced. Owing to evolution, it produces energy for vital activity, protects itself from “uninvited guests” and cleanses itself from biowastes. Almost all organs of gastrointestinal tract are able to cleanse themselves, remove different toxins and waste products.


In case of liver cleansing an enema is made with usual water, sometimes even not boiled. Everyday enemas gradually wash away useful bacteria living in colon and small intestine. In addition to that, substances contained in water are not always good for intestinal microflora, and huge amounts of water gradually stretch intestinal walls and harm bowels. Patient's condition always determines medical necessity of giving an enema.

Before you start cleansing, consult a doctor whether you need any intervention in your organism. If you really need it, have a medical examination of the organ first. Then start cleansing, it will help to get rid of the 'sludge' of toxins and other non-helpful things that build up in your system over time.