7 reasons in favor of milk and yogurt consumption


Milk is familiar to us since childhood. Children are stronglyrecommended to drink it. The reason milk differs from all the other beverages is is part thanks to its exceptional value and unique properties. We all know that milk is a product for feeding babies, whose stomachs aren’t yet adjusted to the digestion of coarse food. Many people are mistaken in thinking that milk doesn’t present any value for an adult person. As we age, the level of ferments that convert lactose actually decreases. If milk is consumed in small quantities, the body re-organizes itself. The digestive system begins to produce these ferments step by step. If you consume 300 ml of milk or yogurt daily, this will benefit your health.


If milk intolerance doesn’t disappear, you may drink yogurt milk since it possesses the same nutritional value as the fresh milk. In the yogurt milk, lactose turns into lactic acid under the influence of useful bacteria.

The uniqueness of milk and yogurt comes from the content of all the substances in them in a well-balanced ratio, which is necessary for normal bodily function. The proteins have tremendous value in milk and yogurt, as well as fats in the form of emulsions, carbohydrates, vitamins, and mineral substances, necessary for the body’s development, hormones, and immune bodies are digested for 99%. Cholesterol and lecithin, which binds it, are contained in milk in the balanced proportion. Thanks to lecithin the excess cholesterol is removed out of the body.

The milk of various farming animals is used. Milks of different animals differ in their composition and taste. The most important substances, which make milk so valuable, are found in the milk of all animals. It differs in the quantity of particular compounds. Milk and yogurt with a base of cow milk are often used.

There are indispensable amino acids contained in the milk protein. They exist in such a ratio that is required by the human body. They are almost 100% digested. Saturated fatty acids are also present in a the complete and necessary amounts for a person.

Some amino acids, such as melatonin, contained in milk and yogurt, are effective for combating insomnia. Sleep disorders occur with the lack of sleep. Over the years, melatonin production decreases, which is whyelderly people often suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a great stress that negatively influences all the body’s functions, especially the brain. According to the newest studies, milk and yogurt contain melatonin, and the milk, drained before the dawn, contains large quantities of melatonin.

This is why a cup of warm milk before bed will provide a good sleeping condition. If you put a teaspoon of honey into the warm milk, you will be able to have pleasant dreams.


Milk and yogurt contain:

Vitamin A

Group B vitamins

Vitamin D

All the substances in it are favorable for rapid digestion.

Mineral substances in milk and yogurt are dissolved. There are at least 50 kinds of them.

Milk and yogurt also valuble because they contain calcium which is present in 3 kinds:

Calcium in casein

Phosphate salts of calcium

Free calcium.

The general amount of calcium is 125 mg in 100 ml of milk. Besides calcium, phosphorus and its combinations, and magnesium are included in the milk composition.

Calcium and sodium salts are in the ionic and molecular states. This is important for normalization of fluid balancing processes. Potassium and sodium salts contribute to the solution of the calcium and magnesium salts which are hardly-solvable combinations.

Calcium and potassium salts stimulate the withdrawal of excess fluid out of the body. When it comes to water retention in the body, a milk and vegetable diet is prescribed because it possesses a diuretic effect.

milk and yogurt Microelements: selenium, cuprum, fluorine, silicon, zinc, iodine, manganese, etc. are found in the fatty milk balls. Milk and yogurt contain all the microelements that are necessary for the human body.

If you want to eat before going to bed, don’t rush to make sandwiches. It’s enough to simply drink ½ cup of milk or yogurt milk. This will relieve the sensation of hunger and soothe the digestive system.

Milk calorie content is about 50 calories per 100 ml, depending on the milk fat content.

Milk and yogurt are used in medicinal diets

Milk and yogurt are dietary products, which is why during the onset of liver, lung, and cardiovascular system diseases with insufficient blood circulation, milk and yogurt are included into the medicinal diets for the unloading.

Milk and yogurt as a natural accelerator (a muscle pill) for the formation of muscle tissue and renewal of muscle structures

Milk and yogurt will serve as the best beverage with low fat content after physical exercise. They accelerate the metabolism and contribute to the strengthening of the muscles and growth of muscle mass with fat reduction.

We have mentioned the major criteria and benefits for why many people choose milk and yogurt for daily consumption.

Drink milk and yogurt and live a long and healthy life!