As a child to eat for lunch and dinner



Raw or cooked Vegetables, baked potato tuna salad filling for baked potatoes*


Rice your favorite stew with meat or chicken cubes (example: Mlokieh Chicken, Peas Carrots Stew with beef cubes, Green Beans stew or fasoolia with lamb cubes..)

Soups with a slice of bread or cubed toasted bread (try lentil soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup...) and ½ grilled chicken breast or a small piece of steak.

Simple Spaghetti* with minced veal and a bowl of green salad on the side

Very simple Vegetable and Chicken Lasagne* and a bowl of salad on the side

Stuffed potatoes* with minced meat or cooked chicken pieces and a bowl of salad on the side.

Baked whole chicken stuffed with onions, carrots potatoes (serving size is ½ chicken breast or equivalent with a serving of the stuffed vegetables).

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Bukhari Rice*, with vegetables and minced meat with a serving of yoghurt cucumber salad.


Soups with a slice of bread

Low fat Halloumi cheese sandwich with tomato and black olives

Row vegetable and bread sticks with Hummus dip

Yoghurt and cucumber salad with grilled ½ breast of chicken.

Tuna Pasta Salad*

Zaatar, low fat labneh, Hummus, Foul or low fat cheese sandwich with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.

All breakfast options are good for dinner. Just go for the options that are lower in carb.


Fruit Salad

Bread sticks with hummus dip

Fruit Muffins

Low fat Fruit yoghurt

Toasted Almonds pine nuts for the non-allergic children



Fruit Salad

Bread sticks with hummus dip

Fruit Muffins

Low fat Fruit yoghurt

Toasted Almonds pine nuts for the non-allergic children

Simple Pizza Breads*

Please Remember:

Never Force children to eat more than they can. Children will not starve and will eat when hungry. They will also stop eating when they are full. Teaching them to eat until the plate is finished will only teach them to eat more than their capacity. This leads to overweight issues in the future. Make sure not to over load their plates, and to trust them when they say they are full.

Be positive around food. If you turn the experience into a negative one or a battle, you are in for some hard time. The fussier you are about what your kids eat, the fussier they become about food. Fussy eaters are mainly created by parents. A positive attitude and some space will get your child there. Описание: 1481b.jpg (220×146)

With that said, always remember that everything is new to your child. Which means, they need some getting used to before they accept new foods, flavours and textures. Most kids will reject these new experiences at first; if you do not overreact they will go back and try again. Introduce new flavours separately before expecting your children to jump in joy. Allow them to experience, reject, retry and eventually like. If they don’t, they most probably will in the near future, just keep offering these foods and don’t treat them as battles.

At the end of the day, your child is human, just like all of us. They are entitled to not liking specific foods. We all have foods that we don’t like. Keep that in mind, but keep offering different foods.

Finally enjoy. Food is fun! Keep it fun, and turn it into an activity. Cooking is a very accessible activity that does not require extraordinary set up. Even boiling an egg is fun for your child. Cook with them, and rave about how good they cooked it and how super they are as helper sand cooks. This allows you to spend quality time with your kids without any extra measures or requirements!

Please note that the recipes in this booklet are ‚Child friendly? which means they are easy recipes that can be prepared with children.

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