Be careful Foods Causing Allergy


Food allergyis an abnormal reaction to a food triggered by your body's immune system. The reason of this is the existence of many alien proteins in nature, which cause this atypical response of the organism.


Which Food Products Have Negative Influence on Our Children Most and Us Often?

Foodallergymay occur inchildrenfrom an early age. With time, organisms of manychildrenre-form, and products, which werefoodallergensfor a child, are not dangerous anymore. However, some allergens influence a person’s organism all their life.


Cow and goatmilkis one of prevailing food products that causes anallergy.

That is why people suffering from allergy tomilkshould eliminate all foods containing milk protein from their meals. They are sour cream, butter, milk cereals, i.e. everything containing this protein in big or little, even microscopic doses. allergy to milk Foods containing milk protein should be avoided even in small amounts because the organism’s reaction is developed not to the quantity of the alien protein but to the presence offood allergenitself. In addition, these people cannot consume milkbut also meat of animals producing thismilk. In the given example it’s beef, veal, goat.

Chicken Egg

Another widespread product that has got into a range of foods causing afood allergyis anegg. Littlechildrenneedegg(yolks) as additional feeding. However, this food product should be introduced very carefully. If the first signs ofallergytoeggreveal themselves, the quantity should be reduced or eliminated. With time you may try to bring it intochildren’s ration again, starting from a very small amount.


allergy to glutenWe hear often about gluten. It is found inwheat, almost in all cereals.Wheatgluten favors baking of bread, rolls and buns. A big amount ofgluteniscontained in wheat, especially in hardwheatand its derivatives, oats and other grains.Glutendoes not exist in buckwheat, and is present in rice in small amounts.Wheat glutenis an insoluble protein that turns into resilient fibers under the influence of water. This property is used in production of some types of cheese, sausages, sauces, etc. That is why when buying semi-finished or cooked products, the ingredients have to be studied carefully if you suffer fromallergytogluten.

Alcohol and Beer

Alcoholic beverages are strong food allergens. This is connected with the alcohol quality to intensify thepenetrabilityofthe intestinalwall. Under alcoholic influence, all toxins contained in the bowels get into blood, poisoning the organism. That is why it is better to abstain from consumption of these beverages; at least, you will prolong your life.


Allergy reaction to a sea fishAllergyreaction to a sea fish is more common than allergy reaction to a river fish.

Fish contains the protein called parvalbumin. In this case, the organism of a person suffering fromallergyto fish reacts exactly to this substance. Because parvalbumin of most sea fish kinds is similar, reaction will be related to many fish kinds. Another sources causingfood allergyto fish may be histamine excess or reaction to a fish parasite anisakis. Apart from giving such a strong organism reaction to its intrusion, this parasite may hit any organ of the human body, as it penetrates easily through the bowel’s walls thanks to its discharge. Usually infection happens when you eat a raw fish, Sushi or Sashimi meals borrowed from Japan.. With theallergyto sea or river fish, any fish and its derivatives should be excluded from the menu.


Mussels, prawns, crabs and crawfish contain the protein called tropomyosin. It is afood allergenfor people suffering fromallergy.

Unfortunately, sea fish and seafood remainfood allergensthroughout all life.


HoneyYes, such a therapeutic product can be afood allergen. The problem is not the fact that bees, collecting nectar for honey, collectpollenfor their vital activity.Pollenis the combination of proteins, all the vitamins, microelements and indispensable amino acids. Many people suffer fromallergyto flowerpollenbecause of these proteins.

We have enumerated just a few kinds of foods causing violent reaction to afood allergenpresented in them. However, whatever the product is, even the most delicious one, always look and analyze the reaction of your organism. If any skin rashes, runny nose or more worsen symptoms occur, you should look for professional help. Your entire organism, all inner organs take part in the allergy stress. That is why to avoid severe consequences, exclude this product from consumption, and simply forget about it forever. When you are shopping pay attention to the ingredients label carefully. If you choose to dine out, notify the eating establishment of food allergen. If you will be dining at someone's home, call the host to notify him or her about food allergy or bringing a dish to share that you have prepared.