Benefits of Tomatoes


Benefits of tomatoes


You pick healthy and low-calorie foods to eat. Pay attention to tomatoes. Tomatoes are an integral part of healthy foods. Tomatoes have been traveling all over the culinary world since ancient times. South America is their motherland. The forefather of a tomato had grown in the mountains of Peru. Then it was brought to Mexico. Spanish conqueror Cortes has sent this wonderful vegetable to Europe. Italian botanist Andre Matioly has called it tomato. In most Slavic languages it is called “pomidor” from “pomo doro” what means “golden apple”. And in the 18th century tomato seeds were delivered to Central America. Many people thought it was poisonous. But for some time a tomato has become very popular. Fertile climate of these places lets to breed a big pulpy tomato. Now it is irreplaceable in all cuisines.

Here are the reasons why our low-calorie diet should include tomato.

The calorie content of 100 g of tomatoes is 15-19 kilocalories. It is exactly what you need to keep your body slim. If you are going to lose some weight, nothing will be as useful as tomato.

Tomatoes have a lot of vitamins which are useful for our body.

VitaminsBenefits of Tomatoes

  • Vitamin PP lowers the level of cholesterol, settling on vascular walls, and prevents formation of trombuses. It will normalize your weight. This vitamin also cleans your organism from decay products. When tomatoes are processed, this vitamin is not decayed.
  • Vitamin C helps you to avoid vessels fragility and improves immunity. It increases the level of hemoglobin in blood, supporting iron assimilation. This vitamin takes part in forming hormones and ferments. Vitamin C normalizes the balance of an organism. Therefore your weight becomes normal. The vitamin is decayed during heat treatment. Try to eat tomato fresh, add it to salads and drink vegetable juice made of tomatoes.
  • Vitamin B1 promotes the renewal of nerve impulses, it influences nervous system lowering the level of inflammatory processes in it. If your sleep is disturbed, you are not attentive and often exhausted after physical activities, it means you have lack of Vitamin B1 in your organism. Heat treatment decays this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) improves skin condition. It helps to create red blood cells and glycogen in liver. This vitamin is useful for people with weak sight.
  • tomato juiceCarotenoids are complicated substances, which give tomatoes yellow, orange and red colors. They are fat-soluble. Carotene and lycopene are not produced in our organism.

LycopeneTomatoes contain a lot of lycopene. When you eat tomatoes, they increase the level of lycopene in blood. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and is used for cancer preventing. It lowers a chance to get atherosclerosis. Lycopene influences favorably on retina of eyeball preventing the development of cataract. It restrains the inflammatory during inflammatory diseases. Carotene improves the immune system, cleans the cells from free radicals. Carotenoids remain their features during heat treatment and are not decayed. Steamed tomatoes contain a bigger amount of lycopene than fresh ones.


A tomato is full of microelements as well.

Tomato contains a lot of potassium.Potassium protects our heart against arrhythmia and failures of its work.

Magnesium takes part in metabolism, promotes proper functioning of immune system and prevents blood diseases.

Phosphorus and calcium are moderately available in tomatoes. Phosphorus combines with calcium in the liver to create substances which take part in bones formation and retaining their healthy conditions. It influences fats interchange, creating muscles fibers and absorbing calcium in bowels. Calcium is important for neuromuscular conductivity, blood clotting, and creating of ferments.

IronTomato contains iron. It is hard to overestimate the role that iron plays in our organism. It regulates blood creating and important for cells breathing. Hemoglobin contains iron. It connects the molecules of oxygen in blood and transfers them to organs. Giving oxygen to the molecules it takes the molecules of carbon dioxide and transfers them to lungs for further utilizing.

Tomatoes are useful for healthy people and for those who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy features of tomatoes are so clear that they are worth to have a place in your diet. Their consuming will make your diet lower-calorie and will enrich it with all the vitamins needed to preserve your health. But if you have allergic reactions or suffer from gallstone, you need to consume tomatoes carefully.