Breakfast for child


The breakfast is important, because there have been many hours since the child was last eaten. If the child gets too little or too poor breakfast, the brain and the body does not get the energy it needs. It can make the child tired, lethargic and irritable.


Breakfast should contain whole grains such bread / oatmeal, since they keep the stomach in order saturates long and contains essential minerals and vitamins. Children have a natural appetite suppression and the greatest appetite when the body most in need of fuel. It is especially in the morning and throughout the day. Sweet breakfast cereals and white bread contains too few nutrients, saturates briefly and affect blood sugar levels, which will increase rapidly and plummet.


Sample Healthy Meals for Kids

It is simple healthy meals are to give you an idea, but use them as guidelines and fill in other similar options as suits your family needs, food preparations and available foods at your local area. Good healthy and nutritious breakfast for children should consist of plenty of fiber and carbohydrates, which maintains satiety long. In addition, it is good to add some fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice for your child gets a good shot healthy vitamins to start the day. Breakfast for children should contain as little sugar as possible, because it creates an unstable blood sugar, which destroys the child's concentration and energy levels.


Hummus spread on 1 slice toast or ½ pita bread topped with chopped tomatoes or cucumbers.

Foul made with Sesame Tahina on 1 slice toast or ½ pita bread topped with tomatoes or cucumbers.


Whole grain cereal, or vitamin fortified cereal with low fat milk.

Chopped fresh Fruits with Yoghurt or Cream cheese and 1 toast.

Plain or fruit Pancakes* with Honey and chopped fresh vegetables

Banana Muffins* and chopped fresh fruits ½ cup skimmed milk

1 boiled egg with 1 tbsp labneh and bread

Zaatar, Labneh, or cream cheese sandwich with chopped tomatoes or cucumbers.

Omelette made out of 1 egg, ½ small onion chopped, chopped tomatoes and chopped capsicum. Fried in a pan lightly brushed with olive oil.

Healthy Eating is not so hard to do. Just alter the amounts of oils, salts and sugars used and you will see how much healthier you children and yourself are going to be. After a while, you will all find that too greasy, too sweet or too salty foods are no longer appealing.

This is a change that will influence the rest of your children’s life, and will make them healthier individuals through their childhood as well as their adult life.

Food is fun and social, and it should remain as that. It should never be boring, negative or a source of misery! Your children are growing and very soon they will be eating many new foods. Keep a positive attitude and you will never have to suffer from fussiness.

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