Broad paste band with rabbit



2-3 pieces of rabbit approx. 1 lb. (400-500 gr)


1 lb., (400 - 500gr) pasta Pappardelle

Olive oil

Bacon into thick slices

1 onion

1 cup red wine

1tsp. vinegar (to taste)

1 cup bouillon

1 tablespoon concentrated tomato paste

Bunch of celery leaves





2 oz. parmesan


Chopped onions and celery fry with diced bacon in olive oil. Rabbit pieces added, sprinkled lightly with flour and brown.

Then add a cup of red wine and 1tsp. of vinegar along with the freshly chopped rosemary and sage. When sauce is becomes thick, added one cup bouillon and simmer on about an hour.

Then peel rabbit pieces of meat mincing easily and thrown back into the pan and stir together for the finished sauce.

The freshly cooked pappardelle mixed with rabbit sauce and serve with grated Parmesan.