Bulgur wheat recipe


Bulgur is for Africans what bulgur is to the Arabs, what pasta is to the Italians, what rice is to Chinese, what maize (corn) is to North Americans and what the potato is to Danes.


But what is bulgur?

Bulgur is not actual grains - is our example, made of steamed and husked durum wheat. The difference is size - Bulgur wheat is slightly larger and firmer in texture than, for example, couscous which is smaller and has a more caking consistency (in a good way).

How to use bulgur?

It's easy and quick to prepare both bulgur.

There are many great recipes how to apply it in Dad's dishes along with all kinds of spices. At home it will be mostly used in salads along with orange, onion, nuts, apricots and yoghurt dressing.

Tips! Bulgur and couscous can be used in any of the dishes, in the same manner as

rice, quinoa and whole grains.

Bulgur with tomato sauce


Bulgur wheat recipe
1 tbsp. soft butter

2 peppers horn

1 tomato

1 cup bulgur

1 tsp. pepper

½ tsp. cumin


Dry cheese or ricotta

1 tsp. Knorr extra flavor bouillon granules vegetables

How to cook:

1. To soak the groats in a bowl with water for 4-5 minutes and then it was drained.

2. Now take frying pan, put the soft with butter and sauté the chopped peppers.

3. When done, add the tomatoes and vegetable broth and let is brewed, until the liquid boils away.

4. Then, add the chili and cumin and then added a cup of hot water and a little salt. When the water comes to a boil, to put bulgur.

5. Leave it for as long as it will not absorb all the liquid and cereal becomes soft.

6. Bulgur wheat with tomato sauce is ready to serve with parsley and grated cheese or ricotta.