Can you be allergic to alcohol


Can you be allergic to alcohol? Some people ask such a question.


Food allergy occurs when the body's immune system perceives an otherwise harmless substance as a threat. Even a little alcohol can cause an allergic reaction in people with alcohol allergy. Allergic reactions can lead to such: migraines, itching, rash, painful bowel movements, diarrhea, asthma, bloated named the face and watery eyes. If you suffer from any of these symptoms when you drink alcohol, you should seek medical advice.

Allergy to wine

Many people believe that the main cause of an allergic reaction, for example, wine or beer is sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is an antioxidant and a preservative. You are not allergic to sulfur dioxide, if you can tolerate dry fruits such. Apricots contain more sulfur dioxide than wine and beer.

Allergy to yeast

In general, most types of drinks can be enjoyed without an allergic reaction, because even when using yeast for making beer, cider and wine, only a negligible amount that is left when the drinks are finished. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized beer that matures in the cask at the outlet. Also, avoid wines produced sur lie - that is, the wine after fermentation has been allowed to mature in a precipitate of yeast cells. This gives the wine an extra flavor dimension.

Many know the feeling flushed red cheeks. One theory could be that added something to the alcoholic beverage that you cannot tolerate.

- Sulfites are an additive in red wine, as a number of years have been accused of giving allergy. Do you get reactions from drinking wine; you probably find the explanation somewhere else.

Alcohol and histamine in the body

Alcohol consumption releasing histamine

Allergy to foods, pollen and dust mites, induced by histamine, which is released by the so-called mast cells, and it is perhaps something of the same thing happens when we drink alcohol.

- When people experience allergic reactions after consuming alcohol, it is due to a breakdown product of alcohol. Alcohol will actually be converted into acetaldehyde, which makes mast cells are unstable, so it easier to release histamine.

Alcohol releases histamines in the body, and if they cannot be converted they will cause symptoms such as nasal congestion.

If people alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde quickly, then they suffer allergic reactions. And the fact that some people have trouble breaking down acetaldehyde and therefore builds up in the body when they drink. This leads including for asthma and blood pressure and is one of the reasons why this people cannot tolerate drinking alcohol. It is still a theory and a lack of research in this area.

Is there a allergy alcohol - this question has not been studied. But the reaction of some people to alcohol confirms assumptions about allergies

Of course, alcohol could be one of many factors in our lifestyle that has given an increased incidence of allergic diseases. It is alcohol and food allergies, anyway is a bad mix because they are less aware of taking care of what we cannot tolerate when you are drunk.

Now you know can you be allergic to alcohol.

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