Diabetes diets what is allowed or not


This is the most asked question diabetes patients have to face. We hope the article will give you the understanding of diet for your illness.


Food to avoid (in healthy diet for diabetes)

healthy diet for diabetes
When having diabetes you must consistently and patiently limit consumption of the following products:

Sugar, artificial sweetening substances and honey. You can use special sweeteners instead. It can usually be a problem to eliminate sugar, so we recommend you to lessen sugar in your healthy diet gradually.

Stop buying sweets (candies). If you still want them, it is better to buy dark chocolate with 70% cacao consistence and avoid sweets, where sugar is an especial component.

Try to avoid products, consistence of which has ingredients with the endings ol or ose (example: fructose), because they are different forms of carbohydrates.

Limit the use of cereals. Cookies, bakes, bread, biscuits are no more allowed.

Avoid vegetables which have a good deal of amylum and carbohydrates. These are potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, beets.

Also avoid sweet fruit: bananas, grapes, strawberry.

You can have milk but a little amount of it. Limit the use of yogurts and cheese. Make yourself have non-sweet tea and coffee.

Make your best to avoid fast food.

Do you feel that with diabetes there is no choice of food to dine?

Here is the list of products a diabetes patient should stick to:

Fruit like apple, grapefruit, peaches. You have to distribute fruit per day by five parts, which is helpful to avoid a sudden rise of sugar in your blood.

Products containing a big number of strings: heavy cereals, fruit, vegetables, nuts. Food with strings doesn’t only lessen glucose level, but lessens blood cholesterol as well.

Always use uncooked cereals, buy spaghetti of whole grains and dark rice, not white one (coming from India or Pakistan). Indians and Pakistanis like white rice very much, but if you have diabetes, you should avoid it.

You can cook meals of beef or sub products (kidneys, liver, heart) several times a week. Meat meals can cover your need of vitamins.

Try to switch to poultry.

Fish and sea products are a good material for tasty dishes. It is better to roast, boil and smother than to fry.

Always choose milk products without fat: fatless milk, fatless cheese and yogurt.

You can have eggs, but use whites only, because yolks can raise cholesterol level in your blood.

As we have mentioned above, you can have fatless cheese, but not cottage cheese.

You can use all the vegetables, onion, garlic, which is known for its property to lessen cholesterol.

With the second type diabetes you need to get no more than 1500 or 1800 calories per day to control your weight, but this number may be different depending on age, gender and body weight. Half of a general amount of calories must come from carbohydrates. 1 gram of carbohydrates is about 4 calories. If you need 1600 calories, then 800 must be with carbohydrates. 800 calories is 200 grams of carbohydrates per day. It is better to buy products with energetic value stated on the package, for you to be able to calculate the needed quantity. Hopefully, you feel now that with progressingdiabetes life has not stopped for you yet.

Glycemic index

Discussion of glycemic index is impossible without mentioning the notion of glycemic index.

So this index is the one showing the ability of hydrocarbons to transform into glucose when getting into a human organism. To maintain a normal sugar level in your blood you have to keep low glycemic index while consuming food. Keeping low glycemic index is also helpful for your healthy diet if you want to lose your extra weight, though the theory on low glycemic index was initially invented for healthy diets of diabetes patients.