Diet for diabetes



Why is diet for diabetes essential?

Nutrition influences the whole body. Out health depends on the nutrition and vitamins that we get from food. Many health problems can be corrected with healthy diet. Why do you choose natural health foods that improve your health? If some organ is affected by a decease, it should be given sparing conditions and the body should be given ability to overcome the illness. Even when the decease is connected with serious disorders, diet for diabetes brings relief for human body and decreases severity of the decease. In addition, diet nutrition may function as a trainer for deceased organ when diet is organized in a proper way.

Many factors that can affect a complex disease like diabetes. All therapeutic diets should be planned for individual patient taking into consideration these factors. In some cases, it is caused by pancreatic disorders, in another kidney disorders, in yet another case as a result of brain injuries. In other cases, diabetes may be caused by genetics reasons.

Meal planning can be a necessary chore for diabetics. Diets for initial stage of diabetes and for more complicated cases are different. A doctor estimates the severity of decease.

Let us analyze the use of diet foods for the initial stage of diabetes. This diet for diabetes may be used for weight loss as well.

The diet is mostly oriented to significant decrease of carbohydrates consumption, especially the one that is easily digested, small decrease of fat consumption and retaining the level of protein consumption.

That is why your diet should contain: 100 g of proteins, 80 g of fats and 300 g of carbohydrates. Diet for diabetes should lower the consumption of salt.

Liquid consumption equals to 1.5 l (not considering the liquid dishes).

If there are no problems with the stomach health, the culinary processing of food is not restricted. However, the preference should be given to steam cooking, baking stewing and boiling.

What everyday dishes can be included in diet for diabetes?

diet for diabetesThe range of foods is diversified. It is preferable to use beef, veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit and lamb. Dishes of meat can be fried but only after boiling. You can cook tasty dishes: baked beef or veal with prunes, steam cutlets from chicken or turkey, low-fat barbecues. You can cook soups on not strong broth with addition of different vegetables or allowed cereals. If you like tomato soup, reduce the amount of cream in it. The selection of dishes may be varied. These products lead to continuous weight loss and improve digestion.

Fish dishes should be boiled or baked using low-fat types of fish. You can cook baked stuffed trout or another fish, aspic or steamed fish under milk sauce, etc.

Diet for diabetes allows using up to 2 fried or boiled eggs a day. You can cook omelet or eggs baked with different vegetables.

Low-fat dairy products can be used every day.The consumption of sour cream should be limited.

You can have dairy butter, different vegetable oils, and preferably cold-pressed oils.

Include porridges of oat, buckwheat, fine-ground barley and millet in your diet. Among beans, soy and its products are preferable. Restrict the consumption of haricot, pea and lentil.

Vegetable dishes Vegetable dishes will help decrease the load on your body and achieve weight loss. Take different types of cabbage, cucumbers, earth apple, artichoke, chicory, vegetable marrow, tomatoes, eggplant, sweet green pepper, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, dill and green onions.

Vegetables like earth apple an artichoke deserve a separate notice. These vegetables are very useful for diabetes. They contain inulin that delays the absorption of glucose into the blood. This stimulates the production of insulin by the body itself. Thus, the dose of medicinal insulin decreases.

You can cook different salads, stewed and baked vegetables or meat with vegetables. For seasoning, you can use sauces based on low-fat meat, mushroom or vegetable broths. Use your imagination and you will enjoy and benefit from your diet.

Such vegetables as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet, parsley root and green peas should be restricted, because they contain much carbohydrate.

Include products rich in Vitamin C in your diet. This Vitamin stimulates work of pancreas that secretes insulin.

Vitamin C present in lemons, blackcurrant, oranges, spinach, sorrel, lettuce and parsley.

Mainly sour-sweet kinds of fruit and berries should be used. You can cook compotes, musses, jellies with sugar substitutes. You can eat sweets and biscuits made with use of sugar substitutes.

Use different teas: green, herbal and black ones. If you like Rooibos, mate, coffee or cocoa milk, than 1-2 cups a day will do no harm to you. The main thing is, do not use sugar with them. Such juices as tomato juice, fruit and berry without sugar can satisfy thirst and complement diet for diabetes. If you like soda water, prefer low mineralized water or sugar free fizzy drinks.

What should be excluded from diet for diabetes?

  • Sweet dairy products and cream
  • Animal fats, transfats. Do not take fats left after frying
  • Fat broths, milk soups with cereals or noodles, pasta, haricot and pea
  • Marinated and salted vegetables
  • Canned food since it is low in carbohydrates
  • Dates, bananas, grapes, raisins, dry apricots, fins, honey, sweets, biscuits, cakes containing sugar, glucose and fructose
  • Juices from sweet fruit and berries, water and drinks with sugar syrup
  • Restrict taking pork, especially fat one.

Keep your diet. You should have at least 4 meals a day. Strictly control the consumption of carbohydrates throughout the day. Always remember, if you take insulin, than the amount must be timed to coincide with your diet and activity levels.

Using diet for diabetes you will feel better and ensure normal weight loss.