Edamame beans


What are edamame beans

Edamame beans are an excellent source of fiber and folate.


Edamame is the super delicate, thick green beans, often served as an accompaniment to sushi. Edamame is green soybeans and is also called the young soybeans. The beans are high in protein and vitamins A, B and C vitamins. The beans are also rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin E. Antioxidants protect the body's cells against oxidative damage.

How to use edamame beans

Edamame beans can be served as snacks or used in salads. Salt Cooked edamame can be eaten as a snack by pressing the beans by hand. You can order them at sushi restaurants, but you can make them yourself. Edamame beans can be bought in Asian supermarkets in the freezer. The very easiest way to cook them is like at sushi restaurants

* Put a pot of water to a boil.

* Add salt into the boiling water.

* Let edamame beans (in shell!) Boiling herein for approx. 2 - 3 min they must be al dente.

* Drain the beans in a colander or a colander. Wipe gently by blotting with paper towels.

* Sprinkle with sea salt.

Proper nutrition and edamame beans

Remember that legumes are from carbohydrate group and must be eaten in moderation and be part of a combination meal with fat and protein. Do you eat them as a snack they are such good along with sashimi-sushi (raw fish sushi without rice) or sticks with chicken, seafood or meat. The beans can also be part of delicious tapas or in salads. Shelled beans have lots of other uses - such are the delicious in a moss, in salads or try a risotto with edamame beans. One may also use the beans to produce its own or soy cheese soy milk, tofu. Soybean plant is an ancient culture plant, which dates back to 2800 years before our era, where the plant is mentioned in a Chinese treatise.

Nutritional values 100 g:

Energy: 107 kcal

Protein: 12 g

Carbohydrate: 12 g

Fat: 6 g