Food for kidney 5 delicious and healthy products


To keep the kidneys healthy, you need to include food for the kidneys into your diet. This is regular food, which allows you to cook delicious and healthy dishes from it.


Reminder on kidney functions

Kidneys withdraw all the waste substances, diluted in liquid, and excesses of water out of the body.

Kidneys coordinate the speed of the’ excretion of substances with the speed of their consumption in the body. Healthy kidneys regulate this balance.

Regardless of the consumption of various salts by a person, kidneys maintain the normal volume of intercellular fluids in the body.

Kidneys regulate blood pressure.

Kidneys regulate acid-alkaline balance. This means that kidneys withdraw some acids, formed during protein decomposition, out of the body.

Kidneys stimulate the production of erythrocytes.

In the body, kidneys produce vitamin D3, contributing to the preservation of calcium and phosphorus in the bones.

When fasting, kidneys, along with the liver, produce glucose.

These are functions of healthy kidneys, which is why it’s so important to consume products that can help the kidneys function optimally for many years.

Food for kidneys is not only healthy, but also delicious. Excessive consumption of protein causes harm to the kidneys (it contributes to the formation of urate stones). Lack of fats is also disadvantageous for kidneys (kidneys are in the fatty membrane).

A well known food for the kidneys is watermelon.

Watermelon oil is produced from watermelon seeds

In addition to containing many healthy substances, watermelon also contains alkaline combinations. That’s why, watermelon, as food for kidney, is used for uric acid diathesis, like a diuretic. Watermelon is included in the diets for the diseases of kidneys and other organs. It improves the kidney function of acid-alkaline balance regulation. Watermelon is a great source of vitamins and microelements. Plus, it is low-calorie.

Watermelon oil is produced from watermelon seeds.

It’s used as a preventive remedy for kidney stones. The oil possesses a pleasant taste and fragrance. As food for the kidneys, it may be used in salads, cereals, sauces, short pastry, etc.

Pumpkin is food for the kidneys.

Pumpkin is food for the kidneys

This is a low-calorie vegetable, containing a big quantity of vitamins, especially vitamin A, as well as microelements. A pumpkin contributes to cleansing of kidneys and urinary bladder. Pumpkin or pumpkin juice is used to increase urinary excretion without the irritation of the kidney tissue. It’s not only the pumpkin pulp that is healthy. Pumpkin seeds are also used as a diuretic. Pumpkin oil is produced from the pumpkin seeds. It possesses a very pleasant taste and aroma. As food for the kidneys, it may be used as salad dressing or added to sauces and other dishes. Pumpkin, as food for the kidneys, contains a lot of magnesium. French scientists consider magnesium as being able to prevent stones in kidneys. The practice proved the accuracy of this statement.

Grapes are a wonderful food for the kidneys.

Grapes are a wonderful food for the kidneys

Grapes contain a large amount of potassium. Without the potassium supply to the body, a balance between the ions of sodium and potassium is impaired. This causes a diuretic effect that is typical for raisins. Additionally, grapes contain salts of ferrum, phosphorus and silicic acids, lowering the urine acidity. This is why, grapes, as food for the kidneys, are recommended for consumption if you are inclined to stone formation.

Bilberries are a healthy food for the kidneys.

Bilberries are a healthy food for the kidneys

Bilberries possess an antiseptic action for the entire human body. Bilberries are one of the most beneficial berries for prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases. Various desserts may be cooked from bilberries. After culinary processing, bilberries don’t lose their beneficial influence on the kidneys. Bilberry juices contribute to the withdrawal of sand out of the kidneys.

Cranberries are an irreplaceable food for the kidneys. Cranberries are an irreplaceable food for the kidneys.

Cranberries are relatives of bilberries. Cranberries possess one amazing property. They contain flavonoids. Epicatechin is one of them. It’s the best remedy for cystitis prevention. The compounds in cranberry juice disinfect the urino-genital system and don’t allow pathogenic microbes to attach themselves to the urinary bladder’s walls.

Article about function of kidneys

We have reviewed a few delicious products. These foods for the kidneys may be available at your table every day. They don’t require any thermal processing. Such foods for the kidneys will help prevent diseases, enrich the diet with vitamins, microelements, and other healthy substances not only for kidneys, but for the entire body.