Food for the brain is a source of intellectual power of the brain


Everybody wants to have intellectualpower of the brain. Success with life, overcoming difficulties without tension and derangements depend on it. It would be amazing to be able to remember everything and answer any question quickly and precisely. However, our memory often becomes stumped when solving certain problems. Why does this happen?


Intellectualpower of the brain,of all organisms, depends on many factors. One of major factors isfood for the brain. Valuablefood for the brainallows for normal functioning. At an essential moment, the brain solves tasks requiring quickness and quality.

What processes are in the brain

Cerebration, emotion this is all is built on an exchange of signals between nerve cells. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that pass electric impulses from one nerve cell to another. They consist of different amino acids that are present in food. If food for the brain is poor, then the balance of chemicals is disrupted, and reactions in the cells of the brain are slowed.

To improve the work of the neurotransmitters and increase thepower of the brain,the right type of healthyfood for the braincan help.

What substances increase power of the brain?



Lecithinconsists of fatty acids, phosphoric acid and its derivatives, glycerine, choline. Due to lecithin, the nervous system works normally. Lecithintransports nutrients to cells, protects the cells of brain, and the whole body from the harmful influences of high-toxic free radicals, and neutralizes the harmful action of free cholesterol. One third of the protective cells in the brain and spinal cord consist oflecithin.

If there is a shortage oflecithin in the body, it is indicative of imbecility, disseminated sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other illnesses of the nervous system. The required daily consumption of lecithin is at least 5 g. All foodstuffs of phytogenous and animal origin containlecithin. The human body produces this substance too. A shortage oflecithinis due to foodstuffs. The maximum content oflecithinis in foods of animal origin: egg yolks, brains, caviar, by-products, liver, and butterfat;in vegetable foods: seed of sunflower, soy, chickpeas, and in unrefined vegetable oils.

Lecithinof the sunflower seeds is safer than soybeanlecithin because it does not cause allergies. A variety of nutrition contributes to absorbence of the necessary amount of lecithin, which does not usually occur with second servings.


Inositolis an organic compound, the greater part of which is produced by the body. The other portion is received through food. Inositolrestores nervous cells, normalizes sleep, reduces the level of free cholesterol, and counteracts the development ofatherosclerosis. It has an effect on the nervous system as an antidepressant, improving the mood, and reducing emotional tension and anxiety.Inositolis produced by the liver, by the heart, and by the kidneys from glucose and goes into blood. From there it is taken in by organs which cannot synthesize inositolfor their needs.The daily inositolrequirement is about 500 mg. It is in abundance in the sesame seeds, legumes, many types of nuts, and by-products - heart, brains, and especially beef. Consuming cabbage, cereals of whole grain, grapefruit, melon, and gooseberry satisfies theinositolrequirements.


Arginineis an amino acid that is produced by the body in a sufficient amount. Unfortunately, the bodies of children, teenagers, elderly people and patients do not produce

Food for the brain

enougharginine.Arginineis a basic substance that normalizes protein metabolism in an organism. The best sources ofarginineare pumpkin seeds, cedar nuts, walnuts, dried peas, chicken filet, pork, and salmon.


Tyrosineis an amino acid that increases thepower of the brain.

The human body can synthesize it. From this amino acid, adrenalin and Noradrenalin are produced, which promote the power of the brain and stimulate emotional enthusiasm. According to some reports,tyrosineimproves the status of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Pumpkin seeds, sesame, almond, bananas and avocado are all great when there is a shortage of tyrosine.


Phenylalanineis an indispensable amino acid that changes into dopamine, the substance responsible for good moods and elevating vitality.Phenylalanineis a producer oftyrosine. The daily requirement is 2-4 g. Foodstuffs: chicken eggs, nuts, chicken, beef, liver beef, peas, pasta, and cod allow for the fulfillment of the daily requirement of phenylalanine. However, an excess of phenylalanine destroys nervous cells.

Food for the brain


Serotoninis a neurotransmitter of joy and happiness. Due toserotonin, power of the brain rises, while depression and anxiety decrease. Serotonin promotes the production of a hormone which helps with falling asleep. Ingesting products such as milk, yogurts, black chocolate, bananas, tomatoes, plums, and dates fulfills the required amounts of derivatives ofserotonin.

If you includefood for the brainin everyday dishes, you will be able to overcome any difficulties along your way, and your life will become happier and more successful.