Healthy Diet Food for Weight Loss


Healthy Diet foods for weight loss


Which food can be healthy and useful for weight loss?

Which demands should healthy diet foods for weight loss respond to?

Healthy diet foods for weight loss should include:

  • - vitamins, microelements and antioxidants;
  • - proteins of plant and animal origin;
  • - having low glycemic index;
  • - unsaturated fatty acids;
  • - having low content of calories.

Why do we eat healthy foods?

Adding healthy foods to your diet will ensure proper vital functions. An excess or lack of any components will be harmful.

During centuries, human’s organism had been adopting to process different foods, which were consumed simultaneously. Our endocrine glands produce the whole set of ferments to break up food. If the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is balanced, the glands are loaded evenly. Unbalanced nutrition can disturb the functioning of viscera.

What is the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that should be consumed?

When an individual eats healthy diet food, the amount of elements that should be consumed is the following:

  • - 50 g of proteins of animal origin;
  • - 50 g of proteins of plant origin;
  • - 450 g of carbohydrates of different types;
  • - 90 g of fats of different types,
  • - 25 g of cellulose.

Example of malnutrition

You decided to have a ham sandwich with butter and a cup of coffee for breakfast. These are high-calorie foods. They are quick to cook and quick to stimulate and to satiate your organism.

General calorie content of breakfast is 522 kilocalories. There are 24,7 g of proteins, 30,3 g of fats, 33,1 g of carbohydrates. And you have consumed 0,15 g of cellulose. Your bowels have nothing to do. All toxins are absorbed by the bowels, poisoning your organism.
Coffee stimulates you, but doesn’t satiate your brain and other organs. That is why your organism will start giving signals of hunger in 1,5 hours. Your breakfast is totally unbalanced according to the main elements, and foods you had eaten that weren’t healthy. When you have such diet, the overeating occurs during snacks. This makes you gain weight.

Which food do we have to eat?

Make a list of healthy foods for weight loss. They should consist of balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, vitamins, and microelements.

Healthy diet foods


Healthy diet foods are veal, chicken, and beef. These are low-calorie products. Eggs are even lower-calorie. Buy products that are always lower-calorie than any meat in 1,5-2 times, but they contain a lot of cholesterol.

Fish and seafood are a perfect source of pure protein and can be included in your diet .

Do not eat ham, sausages, meat and tuna because they are extremely high-calorie.

Eat dairy products. They are low-calorie, and serve as a good source of vitamins, microelements, proteins, milk carbohydrates and fats.

The calorie content of low-fat curbs is two times lower than it is in veal.

Porridges are a source of proteins and carbohydrates of plant origin. They contain different vitamins and microelements. Porridges are one of the most popular healthy diet foods for weight loss. There is also cellulose in porridge. Cellulose is a ballast substance which is not absorbed by our organism. It becomes distended while boiled. Porridge gives you the feeling of satiation and cleans your bowels from toxins. Porridges made of cereals such as buckwheat, oat, and wheat are the healthiest.

Vegetables, fruits and juices are also healthy diet foods for weight loss. They are a reliable source of vitamins and microelements. You should pick vegetables and fruits with low glycemic index. Your diet should consist of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet paper, cabbage, eggplant, leafy and salad vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, and beet are higher-calorie.

Add healthy diet foods to your ration:


Blackcurrant, apricot, lemon, peach, plum, cherry, strawberries.

Such foods as apple, orange, pomegranate, mandarin, pear, grape, kiwi, melon, watermelon, and mango have high glycemic index. But they are also healthy diet foods for weight loss.

Dried fruits contain a lot of vitamins, microelements, proteins, carbohydrates and cellulose. But they are high-calorie. So it would be healthier to eat fresh fruits.