Healthy Drinks for Kids


Healthy drinks for kids - how do they differ from the usual drinks?We strive to raise our children healthy and cheerful. That is why we choose drinks that have a beneficial effect on a growing organism.We have to preserve children's normal metabolism.We try to make our children attracted to healthy drinks.



WaterIt is necessary to use clean drinking water to maintain water balance in a growing organism. Water is a healthy drink for kids.However, a kid will not always want to drink clean water.Children want both, to satisfy their thirst and get pleasure from their drink. That is why we can use slightly carbonated water, mineral water with the mineralization less than 1%, orwith the addition of a small amount of fruit juice. You form taste preferences of a kid.Do not give your child sugary fizzy drinks.Your child will like water with a slice of orange, lime, or with the addition of fruit juice. If your child is thirsty, be sure to satisfy his need for water.


Milk is the most necessary healthy drink. Milk contains large amounts of calcium, which your child needs.Calcium is included in milk as the colloidal mass that is easily digested.The combination of calcium and phosphorus in milk is optimally balanced.

MilkBesides calcium and phosphorus, milk has many micronutrient elements: potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and sodium.The combination of potassium and sodium maintains the constancy of blood pressure and promotes absorption of calcium.Magnesium develops kid's immunity and prevents intestinal diseases. Milk contains a number of vitamins vital for your child. They are vitamins A, B, C, D, and other ones.Moreover, minor nutrient elements and vitamins exist in milk in the combination necessary for your child’s body.A small child younger than 1 year old is prohibited to drink whole milk: it should be diluted to a certain consistency. Babies under 1 year old require special drinks.

Cow's milk contains a lot of sodium, solid and saturated fats, a very large amount of some fatty acids and insufficient amount of fat-containing vitamins.If your child is prone to be overweight, use skim milk and yogurt in their diet.Diet for a baby is made of a variety of products.Milk is an addition to the menu.A small child from 2 to 3 years old has to drink at least two cups of milk a day.This will fully supply your child with calcium. A child older than 3 years old, of a preschool age, needs - 2.5 cups of milk per day.A child older than 9 years old should drink 3 cups a day to grow and develop normally.However, you can give your child not just milk.Milk can be used for making cocoa, milk shakes, yogurt and ice cream.Children who are intolerant to lactose can drink soy milk.Soy milk should be used with caution.Soy milk contains phytic acid, which prevents the absorption of magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium.According to some experts, it badly affects the thyroid gland.


JuicesAnother useful and healthy drink for kids is juice.Try to make juice by yourself.In this case, you know that it is natural juice with no added sugar or any artificial ingredients. If you buy juice, read the label carefully. It should say that the drink consists of juice and has no other additional ingredients. Juices with pulp are tasteful and good for health. Juices provide the diet of your baby with extra vitamins and micronutrient elements. A child needs from 2 to 8.5 oz of juice per day, depending on the child’s age. Sometimes a homemade drink can be used as a drink for children. This is syrup from fruit and berries with sugar. It often contains aromatic herbs. Homemade drinks are diluted with slightly carbonated water. If the drink is not sweet, then a little sugar or honey is added.

Remember that honey can be an allergen. Honey is prohibited for kids under 1 year old.


CocktailsCocktails are made of fruit.You can make a cocktail for a child from yogurt, milk, or ice cream by adding various juices or fruits.This mixture is whipped in the blender until it turns into the delightful drink.These drinks are especially popular among kids.

All of the mentioned drinks are healthy drinks for kids but they shouldn't be drunk uncontrollably. Except water, the above-mentioned drinks are a part of child's nutrition.These drinks add calories, vitamins and micronutrient elements to the basic nutrition of your child.

All these healthy drinks for kids should be drunk according to a season, physical activity and the age of a child.You cannot replace basic food of your child with juices, cocktails or milk.These healthy drinks are an additional source of nutrients and a pleasure for your kid.