Healthy eating diet to combat heart disease


The treatment of cardiovascular diseases can be successful if we keep a strict healthy eating diet.


Cardiovascular diseases include heart diseases and pathologies of blood vessels. There are congenitalheart diseases and are acquired during life. Pathologies of the vessels can causeheart diseases. Cardiovascular diseases develop gradually with deficient nutrition and a sedentary way of life. This can lead to a heart attack in critical situations.

What is a heart attack?

Ischemicheart diseaseis the pathology of blood vessels in the myocardium. If such an illness is not treated, then the individual can have a heart attack. During a heart attack, the myocardium is not provided with blood. It takes place for various reasons, for example, when a grume is torn away from the wall of a blood vessel.. Another reason isatherosclerosis. When arterial occlusion occurs, the muscle of the heart (myocardium) does not received oxygen for half an hour and its cells die. Necrosis of muscular fabric appears, and there remains a scar. The heart cannot work in normal regimen.

What is atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a disease in which the endocrine control of lipid exchange is disrupted. What is it? Lipids are the most important energy source for the cells of the body, and make up substances that are not water- soluble, such as cholesterol. There are nervous system stresses during atherosclerosis; reduced physical activity of the body and excess of food of animal origin results in the increased synthesis of cholesterol by the body and is insufficiently cleared. Therefore, there is a disruption in lipid exchange. Surpluses of cholesterol in the blood settle on the walls of vessels. This is atherosclerosis. Soon enough, the space in a bloodstream narrows, and the blood pressure increases.

heart diseaseFor the prevention of complications from cardiovascular diseases, stick to a healthy eating diet, by eating foods from organic shops.

A healthy eating diet is aimed at decreasing:

- contents of fats of animal origin, which increase the level of free cholesterol

- carbohydrates, which quickly increase the level of blood sugar.

- consumption of natrium to 1500mg for normalization of a water- salt balance

- consumption of liquid.

A healthy eating diet consists of foods which provide the body with asufficient amount of vitamins, potassium and other microelements. A diet must take into account the possible pathologies of other organs

The excess cholesterol is removed from the body by bilious acids. Therefore, it is important to normalize the work of liver and bowels. Penetrability of the vessels influences the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of vessels. A diet is aimed at strengthening the vessels.

What needs to be excluded from the diet of the patient with heart diseases who is burdened of atherosclerosis?

- Fat sorts of meat and fish;

- by- products;

- smoked and cooked meats;

- caviar;

- floury products of rich and puff dough, cakes, pastries;

- creams;

- fat curd;

- fat and salt sorts of cheese;

What needs to be excluded from the diet

- fats meat, trans- fat;

- meat, fish, mushroom clear soups;

- ice- cream, creams and milk, creams, chocolate;

- sauces with a base of enumerated clear soups;

- strong tea, natural coffee, cacao.

That is limited in a healthy dietary plan:

- eggs (yolks) settled not more than 3 in a week,

- sour cream,

- dairy butter,

- refined fats,

- boiled rice,

- (cooked) semolina,

- macaronis,

- spinach,

- sorrel,

- mushrooms,

- honey,

- jam,

- grapes,

- raisins.

A healthy eating dietrequires foods that increase production of bile. These are unrefined fats especially of Omega - 3 groups.

In The diet should also include vegetables, fruit, and porridges, which contain a sufficient amount of cellulose to improve the work of bowels and removal of cholesterol from the body.

The use of foods rich in a lecithin, methionine, cholinom is recommended.

These substances limit cholesterol and improve the work of liver. Foods: soy, peas, kidney beans, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, sesame, boiled buckwheat, and beet root contain these amino acids. If there is a decline in vessel permeability, eat foods with a high content of Vitamin ะก and bioflavonoid.

The highest concentrations of these substances are found in green tea, brier, sea- buckthorn, blackberry, and whortleberry.

A healthy eating dietis aimed at the introduction of foods with a high content of potassium and magnesium. Bread from whole grain- growing flour, buckwheat porridge, soy, soy- bean foods, oat flakes, peanut, almond, hazel (nut), cedar nut, sunflower seeds, sesame, vegetables, and fruits satisfy the potassium and magnesium requirements of a patient with aheart diseaseandatherosclerosis.

Unloading diets are periodically used 1 time during 10 days. They have low calorie content. A decrease in movement is required in this period. Such a diet improves the status of the patient.

Curd diet is 1 day. 150 g of fatless curd, 100 ml of tea with milk - 4 times a day. During the day, drink 1- 2 glasses of a mixture of brier.

A healthy eating diet

Salad diet is 1 day. 320 g of vegetables (except spinach and sorrel) without salt and with the addition of a small amount of unrefined vegetable oil - 4 times a day.

Apple diet is 1 day. 300 g of sweet apples - 5 times a day.

Alternation ofa healthy eating dietwith reducing diets will allow the patient stop developing atherosclerosis, and improve the status of health to prolong their life.