Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight



What Makes You Think about Healthy Weight Loss?

People often make a decision to lose weight when they start to experience health problems. In another case, aspiration for having a healthy and successful appearance forces you to look after yourself. A desire to look great is natural and some people need to lose weight to achieve a better look.

In any case, healthy weight loss depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is healthy nutrition that includes diet foods that are good for your organism. If your weight is substantially higher than normal, you need doctor’s consultation. Because disorders of organs that are responsible for proper food digestion cause obesity problems. In case your weight is not normal, but tests indicate normal body functioning, you should try to solve this problem by keeping yourself from overeating. If you put on weight, it means you overeat.

What to start with?

First, ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What diet foods do I have to eat to achieve the desired result?

2. What food must be excluded?

3. How do I plan a diet and meals in order not to overeat?

We will help you to find answers to these questions.

Why eat fats if you want to lose weight?

Often we see recommendations about different types of food. However, it is necessary to choose the food that will supply your body with sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, microelements and vitamins and at the same time contain relatively small amount of calories.

You will say, why do I need fats and carbohydrates if I want to lose weight? Fats are the energy source for our body and building blocks for cells that make up our organism. In addition to that, when getting into our body, fats control our appetite and give brain the signal of satiation. If you will not take fats, this will cause damage to your nervous system and sexual activity. You have to eat strictly certain types of fats in order to avoid gaining an extra weight. Considering that recommended daily value of all fats is 2.5 oz., you can only take 0.5 oz. animal fats per day.

Animal fats can be obtained by eating turkey, chicken, dairy butter, sour cream and natural yoghurt. If you dress your salad with sour cream and put dairy butter into porridge, you will meet the daily need for fat. The other 60 g is the share of vegetable fat. That is why you should use any vegetable oil for cooking diet foods. Very good are coldpressed vegetable oils: olive oil, linseed oil, cedar oil, corn oil and sunflower oil. Unsaturated fat acids are efficient for vital functions of the body.

What kind proteins are preferable for healthy nutrition and weight loss

proteinsProtein is a building material for your cells. Fowl protein, such as of chicken or turkey, is 100% digestible, eggs are also easily digested. Moreover, these diet foods have small caloric value. Meat of large animals is richer in calories and is considerably harder to digest. That is why you have to take 1.5 times more of it to satisfy the needs of your organism in protein. In addition, it is harder to digest and undigested food debris is accumulated in the intestine as a toxic substance. If you can take milk well, include dairy products into your diet. It can be yoghurts or curds dishes.

For variety’s sake, eat fish, preferably the salt-water one. It will enrich your diet with proteins, useful fats and microelements.

Apart from animal proteins, you should eat diet foods that contain vegetable protein. To do that, include soy, lentil, green pea, Brussels sprouts and spinach in your diet. Besides proteins, these products contain microelements and vitamins; in addition they have low caloric value.

Cellulose facilitates healthy weight loss

Cooked cereals are very beneficial when you are on your way to healthy weight loss. Cereals have dietary fibers called cellulose. It has a wonderful property to swell as affected by liquid and makes you feel your stomach is full. Because of that, you do not want to have a snack between main meals. It is good to eat one or two portions every day. It can be boiled buckwheat, porridge, rice or barley.

How to reduce carbohydrates consumption?

eating vegetablesYou know that you need carbohydrates for efficient functioning of your brain. The reserve of carbohydrates is limited, so it has to be refreshed every day.

You have to take not more than your daily value 16 oz. Otherwise, excess carbohydrates will turn to subcutaneous fat immediately. You want to avoid getting subcutaneous fat inside your body. Carbohydrates are present in almost every food except animal meat and fish. That is why daily value gain by eating vegetables, fruit, and cereals. There is a term of glycemic index, which defines the level of sugar in blood after eating certain food. Knowing the glycemic index, you can find out what diet foods are preferable while compiling your nutrition.

Choosing bread, buns or pasta, give preference to products from meal or mixes of meal with oatmeal or barley flour. Bread from whole pasteurized grains with addition of flour is the best food to make you full and not to get excess carbohydrates. It is good to eat fruit bread. Try cooking salads or dishes from leaf vegetables, cabbage of any kinds, sweet bell red pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot and green peas. Eat beans and lentil more frequently. These diet foods give the feeling of long-term satiation. For dessert, prefer whole fruit and berries. It is better prefer grape fruit, blackberry, raspberry, apples, bilberry, currant, apricots, peaches, pears, oranges and plums.

Now you know what diet foods should be included in nutrition for healthy weight loss.

We believe that you will succeed in your aspiration for reducing your weight and become slim and healthy.