Healthy Eating for Diabetics with Diabetes Insipidus


Any disease, especially a prolonged one, brings a thought about good nutrition. Really, usually healthy eating relieves general condition of diabetics. In some cases, it is one of the compounds of the disease treatment. In other cases healthy eating relieves a person’s life, eliminating painful manifestations of the disease.


Why is Healthy Eating Necessary?

Diabetes insipidus occurs due to disorder of vasopressin hormone production. With diabetes insipidus, its production is misbalanced. This is a reason why thirsty sensations occur.Diabetics have to drink a big quantity of water to compensate its lack in the organism. Diabetes insipidus may occur in case of misbalance in the work of a hypothesis in the brain. The other reason is a malfunction of the kidney work. Corresponding treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of the disease. There is no special diet for people suffering from diabetes insipidus, but healthy eating is directed towards improvement of the patient’s general state. If the disease occurred assuming brainwork misbalance, the diet for the diabetics is directed towards water need’s satisfaction. It promotes depression, nervousness and irritability elimination as well as improvement of brain condition, stimulates insulin production, as vasopressin component, and boosts the organism's resistance towards unfavorable factors. Besides, dietary meals should be aimed at careful treatment of the digestive tract organs. This is necessary in the relation to the fact that big water consumption can be an irritating factor for them.

The main diet principle is cutting salt consumption.

To improve the general way you feel, give up smoking and alcohol.For healthy eating, diabetics need food with a big quantity of vegetables, especially leaf ones, fruits and dairy products. To reduce thirst, fluids lowering the feeling of thirst are recommended. Lemons, lemon water, apples and other compotes with a small amount of sugar can be used, preferably cold. A good source of fluids is

Diabetics should include milk

green or herbal tea without sugar.

Diabetics should include milk, yogurt, curd, sour cream, meat and dishes cooked based on dairy products in their diets of healthy eating. Consume coconuts, walnuts, peanuts, sesame, fruit jelly on gelatin basis, chocolate in small doses. Whole grains and soybean products are desirable to be included into the diet. It is recommended to consume cereals daily, especially the corn and oat ones. Fruit consumption will supply the organism with vitamins and microelements. Apples, pears, pineapples, grapefruit, oranges, bananas contain some amount of sodium and help to quench the thirst partially. These products improve the general state of the organism.Sweet soda is not recommended.

Healthy Eating for Diabetics with Phosphate Diabetes

Phosphate Diabetes is a hereditary disease. It is revealed as a malfunction of phosphate-calcium metabolism. Bones suffer from this disease, especially lower limbs bones. That is why it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. Healthy eating plays the role of no small importance to this kind of diabetes. It does not treat the disease, but it improves diabetics’ state. In addition to injections of medicines with high doses of vitamin D, the diet is aimed at correction of blood phosphor content, which is lowered in diabetics. The calcium content is normal. Products with high content of vitamins, especially vitamin D are included into healthy eating. Besides that, diabetics need to consume products rich in phosphates, glycerophosphates of calcium, vitamin D.

Which Products of Healthy Eating Should be Consumed?

Products of Healthy EatingFor normal phosphorus digestion, calcium and vitamin D should be present in the organism. There should be twice a dose of calcium supply to the organism compared with phosphorus. Composing the diet, it should be considered that if the excess of ferum, magnesium and aluminum is supplied with the food, the work of phosphorus in the organism is lowered.

Phosphorus enters the organism with the following products: milk, yogurts, curd, curd cakes, milk whey, cheeses, ice cream, buns and rolls with sesame seeds.

Among vegetables, give your preference to red cabbage, leaf vegetables like lettuce, spinach, spring onions, parsley. Introduce dishes from a celery root into your meals. Consume fruits: watermelons, pumpkin, pineapples, cornel, ebony, apples and all kinds of citrus fruit. Use the following berries in your diet: cowberries, grapes, bog bilberry, wild strawberries, bilberries.

Fruit juices: apricot, mandarin, black currant ones are very healthy in the diet.

The proportion phosphorus-calcium in beans and meat is not supported, but you need to introduce them into your diet since they are the source of other healthy substances. Diabetics’ menu should include cereals and porridges with milk. Buckwheat, oat, rice, barley, bread made from soy flour. Cocoa grated with milk can be consumed. It is necessary that you use products of animal origin: poultry, rabbit meat, eggs, mainly yolks. Fish, especially sea fish, crabs, squids, shrimps also should be in the diet.

Healthy eating principles are directed at the improvement of the general state, immunity boost, and elimination of the negative influence on the organism.