Healthy Eating Habits Children


The many researches done throughout the years have come to teach us a great deal about health and nutrition. We now know more about healthy eating habits and the effects of our diets on our lives and well-being. We also know how many diseases can be caused or made worse by bad eating habits such as arthritis, diabetes, elevated levels of cholesterol...etc. These diseases are nowadays also affecting children at a very young age!


Healthy diet and disease

Healthy Eating Choices Habits can prevent the young from contracting these diseases.

It is only normal that most of us give our children foods that we remember from our childhood. Food traditions are a major part of culture. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with adjusting old recipes to a healthier, leaner version. There is also nothing wrong with adopting new recipes to include different food types. A mix and match of old and

new in a balanced and healthy way. Balance is always a good way to go.

First, here is some information about food types and portions that are good for our kids:

Nutritional knowledge keeps changing and evolving. Each new study comes up with new results and this can be confusing to most parents. However, it has been established that having a plenty of some foods is unhealthy.

Foods to have just a little of (preferably sparingly):

- Fatty meats and animal fat

- Large portions of cheese and dairy products

- Fried foods

- Highly processed Foods (junk)

- Sweets (Sugary foods and drinks)

Foods you should never allow children to have:

- Caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, or foods and desserts including caffeine)

- Artificial Sweeteners (to include diet drinks)

- Alcohol or alcohol containing foods and drinks

Food for kids

With that said, a diet based on consuming fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes is the best disease-fighting nutritional programme. Add to that some LOW FAT dairy products and small portions of meat and you will have your kids eating a very healthy diet. Please note that full fat dairy products have been found too fatty and not very healthy for kids as they can cause children to be overweight! It is better to substitute with LOW FAT milk, and cheeses instead.

Eat regular meals - approx. 3-4 hours between each meal.

Skinny milks as drinking and on cereals and muesli

That mini, skimmed milk and buttermilk

Limit sweets and snacks to Saturday

Water to quench your thirst - limit intake of sweet juices and sodas

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