Healthy eating helps overcome cystitis


Cystitisis a disease ofurinary bladder, which occurs by declining host defenses and infections of the urinary system. Some kidney diseases can provoke pathologies of theurinary bladder cystitis. The ingestion of spicy seasonings and smoked products contributes to the disease.Cystitisshould be treated quickly before the illness affects the kidneys and genitals.


It is common knowledge thathealthy eatingmakes any clinical problem easier to treatand contributes to recovery. Therefore, starting treatment early andeating healthycan successfully help an individual deal withcystitis. The urinary bladderfunction is closely connected to the functioning of the kidneys.

Circadian rhythm(biological processes dependent on changing days and nights) of the urinary excretion system decreases the amount of excreted urine in the evening and at night (at this time it rests). Intensive functioning of the kidneys andurinary bladderresumes in the morning and during the day. According to these fluctuations, a man makes up invalid food. Invalid food is aimed at easing the work of internal organs under different diseases.

Healthy eatingin the acute inflammatory process

Healthy eatingin the acute inflammatory process of theurinary bladderis aimed at having easing stress on the organ and irrigating of the urinary system. A man should drink around 2 liters of liquid a day. If you have a high temperature in the acute stage, then you should only drink water.

Taking into account the circadian rhythm of the urinary excretion system, it is necessary to make a diet so that the maximum calorie content of products is consumed in the morning. In the afternoon, do not eat high-calorie and easily-absorbed products. Food itself does not cause the disease, but some food can irritate theurinary bladder. Therefore, a patient should know what food irritates it and should not consume that product.

All spicy seasonings must be eliminated.

Healthy eating helps overcome cystitisA man should give up pickled, salty, and smoked food, alcohol, and soda drinks. Heating of the products excludes frying.

It is necessary to avoid sour vegetables and fruit, and to limit the use of citruses and tomatoes. It is better not to drink coffee and strong tea at the acute stage ofcystitisor its exacerbation.

Whencystitis causeddisturbance of the kidney functioning is absent, some substantial limitation of food is not required. Healthy eatingshould be valued even without the decline of volume of basic constituents of nutrition: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and cellulose. One of the most important conditions ofhealthy eatingis dietary habits and abundant drinking.

An ischemia in theurinary bladderis not permissible.

During the illness, in order to lower unhealthy symptoms, you can drink the fresh-juices of carrots, sweet apples, and beets, and as much as possible eat watermelons, melons, pumpkin, and vegetable marrows. Everything is directed to the irrigation of theurinary bladderand to avoid a possibility of propagating pathogenic microbes to the sick organ.

A good effect of drinking of cranberry fruit-drinkA good effect of drinking of cranberry fruit-drink is thatvaccinium subgenoxycoccusdisinfects theurinary bladderand urinary tracts. Why doesvaccinium subgen oxycoccuspossess such properties? Studies of curative healing properties of cranberry at treatment of cystitis have shown that it contains substances with the general name of proantocianidins. These substances destroy the sprouts of viruses, which are used to fasten the virus on the walls of theurinary bladder. Therefore, viruses cannot remain in theurinary bladder. It is possible to eatvaccinium subgen oxycoccusfresh. It is important to know thatvaccinium subgen oxycoccusis not recommended due to the acidity of the stomach. Berries have the same effect asvaccínium vítis-idaéa, and can be successfully consumed withcystitis.

During the acute period of cystitis, you should drink diluted juices.

During the acute period of cystitis, you should drink diluted juices.When the acuteness of the disease passes, it is possible to drink natural juices without diluting.

It is possible to drink different herbal teas. These are tasty and useful decoctions. It is possible to drink chamomile tea, mint, and Paraguay tea. Studies show that Paraguay tea possesses light diuretic properties.

Another excellent drink is green tea. Possessing many positive features which affect the body, green tea exhibits a soft diuretic characteristic, which improves the status of a patient withcystitis.

A good effect can received from a decoction of brier.

Besides the diuretic action, a brier has an ample quantity of Vitamin С. For conservation of Vitamin С, berries of brier are infused in a thermos, which are previously grinded.

The normal work of the bowels contributes to improving of the patient’s status of cystitis. Eating porridge and sour dairy products improves its functioning. Good dietetic foods are found in dishes made with pumpkins, beets, plums, and figs. They possess eccoprotic, which improve the work of the bowels and rid it of toxins.

Healthy eatinghelps people to recover fromcystitisand prevent its relapse.