Healthy fruit snacks for kids


Healthy fruit snacks help teenagers have a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables.


Teens must to eat 600 grams of vegetables and fruit a day. It is the official recommendation, but children do not always follow the advice of their parents. Especially teenagers have their own opinions on the matter.

Teens looking to be independent, so it does not necessarily have the desired effect, the parents telling them that they should eat more vegetables and fruits. Young people aged 10-16 years often eat between meals. These are not always healthy snacks. The results from the experiments showed that young people choose snacks in color and contrast.

Also found that among teens is a difference between boys 'and girls' choices. Girls choose snacks based on fruit and vegetables. The boys in the study reported a higher level of hunger than girls and chose better baked, savory and sweet snacks. About the young people coming from the city or from country also affects their choice of snacks, with rural young people are more likely to choose fruits and vegetables than teenagers from the city.

The colors to be combined, then snacks look exciting and interesting. The green and red fruits and vegetables just cannot stand alone if the big kids to feel like them.Packed fruit snacks are not always healthy. Fruit snacks are made of food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. Snacks high in sugar and sticky destroy children's teeth. They're no different than handing over a piece of candy.

Forget the word healthy and ignoring the kids

Do not use the word healthy. Healthy get the big kids to associate the mother's little naughty boy, and they are so tired of being foisted on something.

The best strategy is to ignore the children.

Sit in front of the TV with the nice welcoming snacks with dip and other great equipment and begin to eat by themselves. The kids are so used to getting a lot of attention, they will be curious when the opposite happens. They may come of itself and tastes.

Experience shows that it sometimes pays to spice up vegetables and licorice powder or chocolate powder, chili and coconut helps the healthy snack on the way. When children are welcome to dip cauliflower bouquet of ketchup, you get the taste buds and vegetables will tremendously on slip.

It's not about doing everything sweet or to drown out the vegetables, but that children must be allowed to experiment, and that we recognize their curiosity. At the same time we incite them to go in the kitchen itself.

Mix and match a healthy snack

Fruit / vegetable




peanut butter



Almond butter

Ground flaxseed

red pepper




Low-fat cottage cheese

chopped nuts

frozen banana


sesame seeds


plain yogurt

Wheat germ