Herb mint fragrant 1 of the most popular seasonings in the kitchen


Spices and seasonings are used by people to improve the taste of food and beverages. There are seasonings that can be found in every kitchen. Black pepper, chili pepper, bay leaf any home cook knows about their application and uses them when needed. But there are also spices and seasonings which some people consider very refined, while others do not notice their specific fragrance. It’s the matter of taste.


If you become fond of adding spices to food, this i will remain a passion forever. Everything starts with the most wide-spread spices and seasonings. Little by little you develop a desire to try new taste and fragrances.

An admirer of spices begins to experiment. First, you try certain spices and seasonings, and soon others. Then, you apply them in quantities you like. And then, you begin to mix various kinds..

It happens that the most unusual spices and seasonings are mixed with those that seem incompatible. You come up with completely unknown mixtures of seasonings and spices which amazingly improve the taste of food.

The blending of spices and seasonings is a great art of any cook.

You can create home masterpieces if you use various compositions of spices and seasonings you have invented yourself.

This passion starts from something simple. First, you may use unknown spices and observe their direct action on the food. There are many unknown spices and seasonings with which you can do this.

Herb mint

Трава мяты You probably use herb mint in tea. It’s a pleasant beverage with a good aroma. But have you tried the herb mint in pastry, with meat, seafood, or vegetable dishes? Herb mint adds an absolutely unusual taste to the pastry and the smell changes when the product is baked. The same happens with other foods.

Kinds of herb mints

Herb mint has various fragrances because there are more than 20 kinds of mint grown and hybrid kinds are selected. Every herb possesses a specific smell, inherent only to this particular kind.

For example, pepper mint. Sometimes it’s called English mint. When you try it, there’s a cold sensation on the tongue.

Curly mint has a mixed taste of a few kinds but doesn’t possess a menthol taste.

Mint with round leaves is called Egyptian, and is a confectionery mint that has the distant taste of an apple. The kind called pine-apple mint possesses a tender aroma and a light touch of citrus and pine-apple mixture that has been grown.

All kinds of mint possess medicinal properties. Besides, menthol, herb mint contains flavonoids, vitamins, and microelements.

Any kind of mint is interesting for those who experiment in the kitchen. The best mint is one that was picked not too long ago. It must be fragrant, with fresh green rough leaves. A wonderful mixture mint oil - can be made.

Mint oil

Можно использовать траву мяты для приготовления супов, тушеных овощных блюд

Take 20 mint leaves (chopped in a blender), 200 ml of vegetable oil, preferably without an intense smell. Add juice of 1 lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix well. This oil can be used for meat, especially for mutton. This oil may be also used as a dressing for green vegetable salads (lettuce, spinach, rucola) or fruit salads.

Herb mint may al be used for soups and stewed vegetables.

The main requirement for mint usage: add only a minimal amount to the meal so that you do not stifle the taste of the main ingredients.

Mint in confectionary is a very interesting additive.

Small meringues with herb mint

Meringues are cooked like this: First, take 10 mint leaves, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and chop them in a blender.

When the mass is uniform, make the pastry for the meringues.

100 g of chilled egg whites (without yolk admixture) are beaten with a mixer, gradually adding 268 g of sugar powder. This is the basis for meringues.

When the mass increases 3-4 times, becoming thick, gradually add 2 tablespoons of flour, still beating.

Add herb mint mass in small portions.

Small meringues with herb mintAfter thoroughly mixing the pastry for meringues, the herb mint is put on the baking tray with a teaspoon.

Meringues should be small for one bite.

To decorate meringues, put any nut on top of them. It may be an almond, a hazelnut or a piece of a walnut. You may put pieces of candied fruit instead of a nut. The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure the filling is not wet. Bake it in the oven with the fan at the temperature of 212F (100С) for 20-25 minutes.

We hope you will enjoy the recipe for meringues with herb mint.

Bon appetite!

Usage of various spices and seasonings will help you improve the taste of your foods and you will soon become a true guru in their use.

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