Herbal Teas A Variety of Drinks


Herbal teas come to our table by chance. People try them out of interest. Gradually, herbal teas became popular, and people drink them just as they would coffee or leaf tea. Many herbal teas are a favorite amongst family drinks.


What is the difference between herbal teas and herbal infusions or decoctions of herbs?Herbal Teas

Herbal formulations that are used because of certain medical conditions for health improvement are called infusions or decoctions. They are significantly richer than herbal teas, and are often used after a doctor’s prescription.

Herbal infusions and decoctions are used to treat a certain disease. The composition of such infusions and decoctions is strictly regulated and has a therapeutic purpose. These are sometimes unpleasant mixtures and components.

In contrast, herbal teas are pleasant drinks that can be consumed at any time. They do not cause any unpleasant feelings. Of course, herbal teas can also be helpful in improving the well-being of the human body. Herbal teas combine a pleasant taste with useful properties of their components.

How to Prepare Herbal Teas

Therefore, we will talk about herbal teas, which satisfy taste and improve the overall health.

Usually, herbal teas are prepared as teas from the tea leaf. They take a certain herb or a blend of herbs, brew the mixture at a temperature of 70 to 90 C, and draw it for some time. There are other recommendations as well, for example, such as to draw for only 3-5 minutes.

Not only herbs and leaves are used in herbal teas. If you were to add flowers, berries and fruits, these will be also called herbal teas.

You can use roots, bark, and seeds too. In this case, herbal teas are prepared differently. Those components are brewed with boiling water and parboiled to let the extractives turn into the liquid.

Most commonly, herbal teas are used for changing the taste of tea from the tea leaf.

Thus, lemon balm, mint, and lime leaves are added into green tea. These herbal teas taste pleasant, as well as calm the nervous system, ease coughs, especially during bronchial and lung diseases.

The leaves of strawberries, blackberries, cherries, and raspberries are also added to the green tea.

Herbal Teas

Popular Herbal Teas: Properties of Their Herbs

It is possible to use all those components without green tea, as they will remain the same best herbal teas. Herbal tea from the leaves of lemon balm, mint, and lime does not only taste and smell pleasant, but it also has healing properties. All its components contain high amounts of vitamin C and folic acid. Herbal teas which contain the leaves of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and cherry, have antioxidant properties.

Strawberry leaves are diuretic, as they excrete harmful substances and salt from the body, as well as reduce the likelihood of colds and strengthen the immune system. For women, strawberry leaves are a useful tool for reducing the abundance of menstruation. Also, they assist in obstetrics because of stimulating uterine contractility.

Herbal teas with raspberry leaves are not recommended for pregnant women, especially in the early stages. They contain an active form of iron. However, such tea is good for people suffering from anemia. Substances contained in the leaves of strawberries have vasodilating properties and a beneficial effect on the heart. Raspberry leaves contain organic acids, which renew the acetic-alkaline balance in the body. Raspberry leaf tannins have a useful effect on the intestine, due to their blood-stopping properties. Herbal teas with a raspberry leaf reduce blood sugar levels. Finally, raspberry leaves strengthen the immune system and prevent the occurrence of colds and viral diseases.

Currant leaves are used for prophylaxis against avitaminosis. Herbal teas which contain currant leaves, improve the condition of the kidneys, and bring down high blood pressure.

Brewed cherry leaves and fruit-stalks provide both a unique taste and aroma. They are useful for kidney diseases, inflammatory diseases of the throat, and anemia. Cherry stalks have diuretic, blood-stopping and saxifragant effects. You can use not only leaves, but also young green shoots in your tea. Currant flavor is much stronger when using green shoots and buds of the plant.

You can use berries instead of wild strawberry, raspberry, cherry, or currant leaves. Dried berries also create a pleasant bouquet of herbal teas.

Herbal teas are commercially available. Herbal teas that are brewed from leaves and berries, and collected by hands, taste more pleasant.

Herbal teas are best to drink in quantity of 1-2 cups a day, alternating with other drinks.

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