How do you Plan a Vegetarian Diet to Profit


Vegetarian diet plan is a great possibility to lose weight and lead a healthy way of life. What does that mean? What do vegetarians eat? Their foods include vegetables and fruit, grains and beans, nuts and pulses, seeds and some fat.


To keep this diet, you need to eat eggs, soy milk, and plant oils daily. Vegetables and fruit, grains, beans, soy and peanuts should be consumed at every meal.

Vegetarian 5 Groups Diet

Each group provides nutrients a person needs. Foods of these groups are not replaceable, besides they are equal, nothing is less or more important.

These groups are




protein rich foods and


Special attention should be paid to vitamins D and B12. Let us find out what elements and nutrients are the most significant for a proper vegetarian diet.


Protein, which is required in vegetarian diet, is provided in your diet from plant sources. It helps to maintain healthy bones, skin, organs, and muscles. That does not mean that you should eat a great amount of foods that contains protein. Your meals should vary soy, lentils, legumes, seeds, nuts, and grains.


B12 and D vitamins are very significant, but if you eat plant products, you would not get the enough amounts of them. Vitamin B12 is contained in vegetables, soy,spirulina. This vitamin is efficient in producing red blood cells and helps to prevent anemia.

Vitamin D is very important as well. It is contained in soy milk and various cereals. Sun exposure offers vitamin D benefits.


grain productsIron considered as a crucial component of a vegetarian diet. Enriched cereals, grain products, lentils, beans, peas, dried foods are full of iron. Iron is not that easy absorbed from plant oils, and the recommendation forvegetariansis to intake itin reasonable amount. If you wish to help your body to absorb iron, but have avegetarian diet, you should eat food reach in vitamin C such as citrus fruit, strawberries, broccoli and cabbage, tomatoes, etc.


You should not worry about calcium absorption with vegetarian diet, Calcium is provided by milk, green vegetables, broccoli, kale, juices, soy milk, cereals, tofu, yogurts, etc. Calcium builds and maintains teeth and bones and is recommended for everyone.


Why is it so significant?, It helps to regulate metabolism, function of heart, brain, thyroid, and kidney. Being on avegetarian diet, you do not consume iodine, and that influences your health greatly. Many vegetarian foods provide iodine. Some of them are


cruciferous vegetables, soybeans, sweet potatoes, etc. You can use iodized salt at a dinner table or while cooking.


Zinc is recognized as a major component of any vegetarian diet. It plays a huge role in cell division and protein formation. It is not easily absorbed from plants. If you eat cheese, eggplant,pumpkin, cucumbers,tomatoes, you will get needed amount of zinc.

Keys to a Vegetarian Diet

There is no matter why you have decided to have a vegetarian diet. Some people may choose it due to their cultural or moral beliefs, others wish to lose weight and are sure that a vegetarian diet will help them to solve their problems.Keys to a Vegetarian Diet

When your diet is well-planned, it can be nutritious regardless of your age and activity level. If you still are not sure whether you need a vegetarian diet or not, you can consult your doctor and make your own vegetarian diet plan. Choosing lacto-ovo or lacto-vegetarian diets, you do not eat animal flesh of any kind, but is willing to consume dairy and egg products.