How to make meal plan for weight loss


Meal Plan for Weight Loss - Make a meal plan and losses you more than ever.


When you want to lose weight, then the diet may be an important part of weight loss. This is namely designed such that if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, or best, you have to eat properly - so it is a really, really good idea to make a meal plan for his weight loss.

How do I start?

The first thing you should do is find out what your goal is. Is your goal to lose 2 or 6 kg? Furthermore, you must decide how long you want to take to lose pounds - a good rule of thumb is to count on 0.5-1 kg per week.

Once you have set your goals - and you'll have to find a goal. If you do not find a target you can see it in this way: If you run a race, but there is no finish line is - when are you in goal, and when can you call yourself victor?

Once you've found your target, then you should find out what you cannot do without. Cannot do without sweets on Saturdays, or you cannot do without chocolate the morning - what you cannot do without! Write it down.

Then it's time to meal plan for weight loss

So we need to plan the course. A good idea would be to make a meal plan for weight loss, for about 7 days ahead - but when you buy, so buy as only up to 3 days when you saw will always have fresh and delicious food.

Good things to remember when trying to make a meal plan for weight loss

Eat foods that are rich in proteins (proteins saturates much, and keeps the muscles)

Eat foods that are high in fiber in (fibers saturates much and makes you less hungry)

Eat food without a lot of carbohydrates


A good idea would be to have one day of the week where you will really have to eat what you will - of course moderated! But if you eat whatever you want one day of the week, then it will put burning up.

You are advised to eat 5-6 times a day.

The most important meal is breakfast - eat breakfast ALWAYS!

Menu for one day:


65 grams of oatmeal

200 ml of skimmed milk

1 apple


100 grams of chicken or 1 pear


2 slices rye bread

Basic butter on bread

2-4 slices of cheese


1 orange and half a bunch of grapes


250 grams mixed salad

2 steaks with onion, rose in olive oil (3-7% fat)

100 grams of cooked vegetables

100 grams of brown rice

A little ketchup

Midnight snack / evening snack

A small handful of nuts

Based on the above diet plan that will get you in calorie deficit - you will eat low-calorie, fiber-rich and make proteins.

It's all about first and foremost about being comfortable with plan, because if you are not satisfied, and not allow themselves to eat a little unhealthy once in a while, so will the chance to stick plan, be extremely small - actually not -existent, and if you finally stop the diet, you will probably fall back to old habits behind.

Meal Plan for Weight Loss will help to change lifestyle.

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