Kids lunches


We offer a few tips on drawing up the menu for kid’s lunches. How to prepare healthy lunch for school children?


1. Use different types of bread wholemeal rolls.

2. Cook pasta or couscous evening and insert additional as part of the lunch of choice of bread.

3. Home-made soup excellent day’s cold and vegetable choices a small lunch raw and salad for warmer weather.

4. The vegetables and salads lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Pick out a colorful lunch box or let for decorating lunch box with stickers.

Baked goods for kids lunches

Quality foods will help your child to be happy, as well as

to be a good source of energy and vitamins. Select try some of these suggestions

2 slices of bread

2 small rolls of bread one currant bun

2 tablespoons of rice, pasta or couscous and cooked

Choose a pizza with topping vegetables or fruits, such as tomatoes, pepper or sweet corn.

Fruits and Vegetables for kids lunches

Give your child of five portions of fruit and vegetables from every day to get through two portions of fruit or vegetables kids lunches.

For example

1 tangerine and plums

One apple, orange, banana or pear

One large slice of pineapple

One handful of dried fruit, eg raisins or dried apricot

One cereal bowl of salad, eg lettuce, tomato, cucumber and celery

3 tablespoons of fresh, eg shredded carrots or peppers, or sweet corn

200 ml of unsweetened fruit juice, or stewed fruit.

Milk and milk products for kids lunches

Milk and dairy foods

See that your child is getting enough calcium through one kid’s lunches:

200 ml milk

1 cup of yoghurt, custard or pudding

10 g cheese,

You can plain or use milk taste. It is a good source of calcium.

Protein for kids lunches

Protein is important for the growth of the child. One of the following items in your child's lunch box:

2 slices steam veal,

2 slices of chicken breast or turkey,

1 egg,

a piece steam of fish fillet.

Include fish in the diet of the child, at least one day per week. Not recommended chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks.

Drinks for kids lunches

Drinks should be taken into always account for break time and lunch. The water and milk are the most suitable drinks for children.

Use a box or insulated bag to help with lunches keep cool. It is important to keep the cold in a box Insert a piece of kitchen roll to sticky fingers stroking or clean up spills.

Kid’s lunches are a healthy lifestyle.

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