Kitchen spices glutamate is better not to use


Kitchen spices: glutamate is better not to use


Kitchen spices such as salt, pepper, MSG can be found in any of finished food products.

The third spice is added to thousands of the foods you and your family regularly eat, especially if you eat processed foods or in restaurants.

Third spice in prepared foods

Unfortunately, the third spice one of the worst food additives on the market and is used in canned soups, baked goods, meat products, salad dressings, frozen dinners, etc.

It is found in your local supermarket and restaurants, in your child's school cafeteria and, quite surprisingly, in complete baby food and some infant formulas.

The third spice is different spices like salt and pepper, because it highlights the fact food flavor and gives it processed meats and frozen dinners to taste fresher and smell better, just as it does salad dressings more tasty.

History of discovery of the third spice

The third spice benefits are obvious for the food, but this additive can be slowly and completely symptom solved because great harm to your health.

What exactly monosodium glutamate (glutamate, monosodium glutamate, MSG, sodium salt of glutamic acid, E-620 - E-625, MSG)?

In 1908, the third spice invented. Japan Eren Kikunae Ikeada was the man who identified the natural flavor enhancing substance of seaweed.

By extracting a small amount of this substance, he was able to create it seemed tical additive monosodium glutamate, and together with a partner, he started the company Ajinomoto, which today is the world's largest producer of this spice (which interestingly enough also pharmaceutical manufacturer).

The third spice works by tricking your tongue with a virtually unknown fifth taste: Umami.

Umami is the taste of glutamate and is a favorite flavor found in many Japanese foods, bacon and therefore also in the toxic additive monosodium glutamate. This is because the taste of umami that foods with monosodium glutamate for many people tastes better than food without this additive.

Why is the third spice so dangerous?

Monosodium glutamate is an excitotoxin, which means that it over stimulates your cells, so they destroyed or dies, the brain to result in varying degrees - and potentially trigger or exacerbate learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, amyotrophic sclerosis etc.

Regular intake of monosodium glutamate seen:


Eye Injuries

Описание: images (256?197) Headache

Fatigue and confusion



Heat Sensations


press or tightness in the face

Chest pain or difficulty breathing


Rapid heart



The third spice makes you rich by pulling on the amount of insulin it secretes. Not good!

Tips to avoid the third spice in your food

As a general rule, one can say that if a food is processed, one can assume that it contains monosodium glutamate (or a pseudonym for this). If stick to whole, unprocessed, fresh foods in your diet, and you can thus avoid this toxin.

Yes, if you eat organic meat, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables, etc., washed down with clean water, you will not only avoid using the third spice, but you will eat the best possible food for your health.

And then read ingredient lists and consider:

1. The longer shelf life, the worse is the food for you.

2. If your ancestors did not eat this food for 10,000 years ago, you did not.

3. If you do not know an ingredient, you should be very careful.

Somewhere else, you have to be on the ball with respect to the third spice is at restaurants. You can of course ask the waiter if there are dishes without this additive, or ask if it is possible not to have it added, but the only place you can be quite sure what's in your food, is of course in your own kitchen.

You have to study the content of food with great care. The food manufacturers are trying to hide the fact that they have added the third spice by using different other names.

Read the ingredients before you buy anything, and if you not sure, do not buy it, and choose instead something that you know is healthy.

Begin to read ingredient lists, give your body real food and you will be amazed at the results you will experience in your body, such as more energy, less illness, weight loss, etc. Kitchen spices should be useful and not harmful

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