Lentils - The Worlds Healthiest Foods



12 Kinds of Lentils in Healthy Eating

Lentils are a widespread annual leguminous plant. Even ancient populations of the Middle East and Syria used them in their meals. Lentils in their composition are similar to all leguminous crops and very rich in protein. Lentils add lots of flavor and protein to all kinds of dishes, from soups to salads.

There are many varieties of lentils grown and eaten all throughout the world. In various countries the conditions of lentils cultivation differ. That is why this kind of leguminous plant differs by such a variety.

French Green

Green lentils Puy has gained popularity in France. These lentils are cultivated without chemical fertilizers, and without watering. French lentils possess their unique taste and are popular all over the world. An ecologically clean product always holds its priority in healthy eating. While boiling they do not get overcooked when, becoming soft, retain their membranes. French Green lentils are used for salads, soups.

Brown Spanish Pardina

Spanish pardina lentils have a pleasant nut taste. After boiling they retain their shape and are often used for salads and soups.

Brown Lentils Masoor

They have a slightly salty taste and a specific aroma. They are ones of the best beans to use in soups recipes. Besides, they can be boiled for a long time and afterwards added to rice dishes.

Red Lentils

Lentils in Healthy Eating

Red lentils have red and orange colors and possess a strong nut taste. Red lentils bring benefits to various dishes with stewed meat, rice and spicy seasonings.

Yellow Lentils Tan

Yellow lentils become red in color after peeling. A tender purée is usually cooked from these lentils. This dish is indispensable in healthy eating.

Other kinds of lentils are also used in meals:

Eston Green lentils have a pleasant taste. One of the advantages is that they do not require steeping. After cooking, the volume of lentils increases twice. Cooking lentils for salad takes 12 minutes, for soups the cooking time increases up to 25 minutes.

Richlea or Average Green Lentils

The grains are 5,5-5 mm with green peel, and yellow inside. They are used in soups, have a neutral taste and a slight pleasant smell, and are popular in the Eastern cuisine.


Laied is big green lentils, 6-7 mm in size. In their structure, they remind Richlea. Laied lentils are used in many countries of Europe and Latin America in soup and salad recipes.Lentils

Lentils Beluga

Black lentils or Beluga got their name for small grains, which are similar to beluga caviar. They have a pleasant salty taste in soup or salad.

Lentils Petite Golden

Shelled lentils Petite Golden have the size of 1/3 of regular lentils. The outer membrane is removed. Shelled lentils Petite Golden are used without steeping and cooked literarily within 5 minutes. Petite Golden is suitable for cooking soups, puree, sauces and dressings.Lentils

Big Mexican Yellow Lentils

Mexican lentils present the biggest lentils beans. They are yellow in color; and used for cooking second course dishes.

Crimson Lentils

Crimson lentils come from Turkey. These are lentils of quick cooking. It takes 10 minutes to cook Crimson lentils. It is possible to cook a soup, lentils pottage, puree.

We have described the most widespread kinds of lentils.

Why are Lentils One of the Main products for Healthy Eating?

Lentils have unique attributes and nutritional. advantages. In India these beans became popular in the vegetarian cuisine thanks to high protein content, as well as indispensable amino acids which a person gets with food of the animal origin. Only this quality puts lentils as one of the healthiest foods. Besides, there is a great quantity of vitamins in them: provitamin A, vitamins, b1, b2, b6, vitamin C.

Microelements such as ferum, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus are found in lentils.

Lentils are rich in fiber as well. There are 3.7 g of fiber in 100 g of lentils.

We need 20 amino acids in order to build and maintain our organism’s cells. Our body does not produce 8 amino acids, and children have 2 more amino acids. They need to be gained from the food. In amino acid composition, lentils are one of the best products of healthy eating, as they consist of 8 amino acids that our organism needs. Small amounts of methionine are present as well.

How to Create a Balanced Dish with Essential Amino Acids?

Many world cuisines overcome this misbalance. To make lentils dishes substitute for meat products, especially in vegetarian diet, there are other products added to raise the dish balance. Such a variety of components for cooking dishes is the basis of healthy eating. This way the dishes compounds are chosen to make the missing quantity of indispensable acids compensated by other products. The most popular combinations are cooking lentils with whole rice, wheat and corn grains. In this case, we can receive proteins' full value in such a dish. Lentils are an indispensable product for heart and vascular diseases prevention thanks to high magnesium, folic acid and other healthy substances content.