Normal Weight for Women 1-Day Menu for Weight Loss


The normal weight for women and men can be calculated with the help of a special weight calculator. There are a great number of them on the Internet. If you want to achieve normal weight as a woman, you should first check your health. Most often, obesity occurs only in certain circumstances.


The following factors influence the weight gain:

· A sedentary lifestyle.

· Dehydration.

· Enzyme producing disorder.

· Consuming sugary drinks.

· The use of excess carbohydrates (starches and sugars), that is more than 400 grams.

· Not balanced diet.

· Constant use of diets for weight loss.

· Stress.

· Lack of sleep.

· The use of psychotropic medications and drugs of hormonal type.

To get to a normal weight for women, it is important to eat rationally.

We have already written about what a balanced diet is. So, now we will offer the diet, which should be followed in order to reduce weight and normalize it for women.

How to Identify Your Individual Need for Calories?

To achieve the normal weight for women, it is necessary to identify the body’s physiological need for calories. This can be easily calculated with a formula, placed on a certain page of our website. Well, it is necessary to figure out the basal metabolic rate for your body. Once you calculate that number, you should reduce it by 20%. In fact, this is the safest reduction of caloric intake, without any further health problems.

For example, a woman aged 40 has the height of 5 ft 3.7 inches (163cm), and weight of 163 pounds (74 kg). When leading a sedentary lifestyle, her physiological need for calories is 1680.4 calories. If the woman attends some fitness club 1-3 times a week, then the energy (calorie) requirement increases to 1785.4 calories. The optimal reduction of calories is up to 20%. Consequently, a physiological need for calories will be 1400.4 and 1487.9 calories accordingly, depending on different ways of life. You already know from other articles on our site that you need 6 meals a day at regular intervals throughout the day, in order to reduce your weight. The caloric value of 1 meal is 233.4 calories for women leading a sedentary lifestyle. For those women who exercise 1-3 times a week, it will be 248 calories. Let’s consider the diet of a training woman, since achieving normal weight for women is impossible without any physical activity.

Drinks should be consumed without carbohydrates. The amount of water should not be less than 1.75 ml per day.

1-Day Menu for Achieving Normal Weight for Women

The 1st breakfast

*Oatmeal porridge: oatmeal 2 oz (56.7 g), milk 3,4 fl oz (100 ml), water 5 fl oz (148.5 ml), sweetener (stevia), oil 0.5 teaspoon (2,5 ml).

*Coffee or tea/herbal tea without sugar (sweetener).

Total:259 calories.

The normal weight for women can be achieved without any mono-diets.

The 2nd breakfast

*1 slice of whole wheat flour bread 1 oz (28.35 g).

*1 boiled egg.

*Grated carrot 2.5 oz (70 g).

*Sweet pepper 2.5 oz (70 g).

*1 cup (250ml) of skim milk or yogurt.

Total:243.4 calories.

The diet for achieving normal weight for women allows some stepbacks up to 10% of total calorie value.


*Roast Beef 3.6 oz (100 g), baked in the oven.

*Bread from whole wheat flour 1 oz (28.35 g).

*1 portion of cauliflower 7 oz (198.5 g), stewed with lemon juice or apples.

*1 Mandarin 5.3oz (150 g).

*Water with lemon but no sugar, as a drink.

Total:267.6 calories.


*A 10g slice of pickled cheese (brynza).

*Salad: tomatoes 2 oz (57 g), red cabbage 2 oz (57 g), red sweet pepper 2 oz (57 g), vegetable oil 1 teaspoon (4,9 ml).

*Green tea without sugar, a piece of cake with blueberries 40g.

Total:220.0 calories.


*A piece of salmon fillet (sardines, mackerel) 2 oz (57g) with spices.

*Salad: tomatoes 2 oz (57 g), cucumbers 3,6 oz (100 g), lettuce, parsley, dill (2 teaspoons).

*Cooked lentils with spices 2,5 oz (71 g).

*Grapefruit pulpy juice 5fl oz (148 ml), plus herbal tea without sugar in addition.

Total:255.7 calories.

Second supper

*Rice porridge 3,6 oz (100 g) with apple 20g.

*1 cup (250 ml) of low-fat yogurt with peach slices 1,8 oz (50 g).

Total:249 calories.

Well, the total daily caloric menu value is 1487 calories.


80 g

100 %


35 g

84 %


179 g

80 %


21 g

90 %

To achieve normal weight for women, it is necessary to finish the last meal within 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Here, we offer a one-day menu with the calculation of calories, which optimally promote weight loss. It was created on the basis of calories needed, the correct ratio of fats and carbohydrates, and enough amounts of protein and fiber. Currently, each dish can be calculated to learn its value and usefulness in your diet. The more variety you add to your nutrition, the greater the likelihood of maintaining your health and reducing your weight is.

Normal weight for women can be achieved with a structured and reasonable reduction in caloric intake, as well as intensive physical activity and rational nutrition.

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