Pineapple Health Benefits That Help To Fight Against Various Diseases


Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is adored by many people. But taste is far not everything it can offer. It contains photolytic enzyme bromelain that helps in digestion protection.


Pineapple also prevents blood clot formation and is considered to be the best fruit cure for heart diseases.

Bromelain and Anti-Oxidants

Bromelain that is contained in pineapples is rather effective in reducing swelling, besides it assists treatment of acute sinusitis, arthritis, gout and sore throat. When a person eats this fruit frequently, his/her health benefits greatly. To increase the effect, the fruit should be consumed between meals without any other food.


Being a great source of vitamin C, it offers excellent protection against various substances and free radicals that attack healthy cells. Free radicals complex leads to diabetic heart disease and atherosclerosis, asthma attacks and cancer development. Pineapples help to avoid these and many other problems, like rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C is also recognized as body’s anti-oxidant that fights against these conditions. This is a perfect flu and cold fighter, too.

Vitamins and Nutrients for Health Benefit

The first and the greatest benefit is lessening of hypertension risk. Because of too much force on artery walls people usually face hypertension. Pineapples are perfect for this heart disease, because they contain sodium and potassium that are needed to combat it.

Hearth diseases can always be treated with the help of pineapples because they enhancer immune system and stop ache and heart attacks.

Being rich in fiber this fruit cures constipation and irregular bowel movements. It contains enzymes that make your skin elastic and improve its hydration. These enzymes remove dead cells and different damages of your skin, helping to achieve glowing and clear complexion.

This fruit also protects eyes and fights against age-related eye problems, as it is reach in antioxidants.

Eating pineapples a person cuts down sweet cravings and saves himself/herself from sugar-induced calories. Adding this fruit into your meal, you promote weight loss, because it makes a person feel full without fat food.

Healthy teeth are a great problem. The main fruit benefit is a great amount of C vitamin, which prevents plaque formation and gum diseases.

Manganese that is contained in pineapples is necessary for energy production. The fruit’s stems hide significant molecules that act as a sort of defence against cancer lung, breast, ovarian, skin and colon.

The fruit regulates the gland and is helpful in various cases of goiter.

Pineapple is effective in chronic digestive disturbance dyspepsia.

It fights against inflammation of bronchial tubes bronchitis.

It helps in catarrh secretion from mucous membranes.

It copes perfectly well with heart diseases and blood pressure.

The fruit helps to overcome disease of joints arthritis.

Its fresh juice removes intestinal worms and combats infections of the throat and other parts of your body, and also diphtheria.

This fruit helps to cope with morning sickness.

The list of Pineapple Health Benefits

Pineapple Health BenefitsThe value of 100g of the fruit is: vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and carbohydrates. 100g = 52 calories. So, the fruit has lots of health benefits.

As pineapple is so useful and has a lot of health benefits, it is significant to know how to pick it. The fruit is to be heavy, feel and smell clean. You are to select carefully and refuse from those that look immature. Keep a fruit longer than 2 days in a fridge. Store unused pieces in an airtight container and eat as soon as possible. You can also freeze a fruit, but be ready that it will change its flavor, so you are to be very careful.