Products that cause allergy




Peanuts are one of the most common allergy-causing foods. Often nuts may cause allergy because of proteins present in them. Sometimes, people who have an allergy to one type of nut may also have an allergy to another type. Such crossed features are peculiar to walnuts and almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios. Sesame and poppy seeds may also cause allergic reaction. If you have an allergy to any type of nuts, better reject them at all, including their oils.


Any type of mushroom may be a food allergen. Cases of allergy to mushrooms are known from the ancient times. Pollen allergy, commonly called hay fever, is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States. Thus, hay fever is a body’s manifestation to mushrooms.


Seaweed provokes allergy because of the large amount of Iodine in it. Though seaweed is a very useful product, people who have allergy to Iodine should avoid eating it.

Vegetables, berries and fruit

Many types of vegetables, berries, and fruit are allergens for some people. Consumption of products rich in vitamins and microelements favor improvement of health. However, that is not the point. Many people have an allergic reaction to pollen of different plants. Moreover, pollen protein is very similar to proteins of many types of fruit and vegetables. Because of that, people who are prone to allergy to pollen suffer from allergy to some fruit and vegetables. This is called polyvalent allergy. For example, the pollen of birch has similar composition to protein of carrot, kiwi, pear, and apple. After thermal treatment of fruit and vegetables, the reaction of the patient on the allergic product is reduced.

However, some types of fruit and vegetables are allergens per se.

CitrusesCitruses often have such properties. Strawberry and raspberry are the strongest allergens among berries. Red types of fruit such as apricot, cherry, dark kinds of grapes and melons should all be taken carefully if you are prone to allergy.

Beet and radish, tomatoes and carrot, eggplants and garlic, scallions and onions all these products may cause allergic reaction.


Yeast is a very common component of many foodstuffs. It is a mass of unicellular fungi that cannot be seen by a human eye. It is used for enhancing the structure of bakery products, for making strong and low-alcohol drinks, soy sauces, wine, etc. These products contain yeast in one or another extent. The reason behind that is, yeast contains anolase enzyme. Some people suffer from allergy to that component of yeast that is why the reaction occurs. It can cause not only food allergy, but also respiratory allergy.

Chocolate, cocoa and coffee

Chocolate, cocoa and coffeeSome people suffer from allergy to chocolate, cocoa, or coffee. Sometimes even people who do not suffer from allergy may feel discomfort from taking these products. It is hard to name a reason for this phenomenon. Some dietitians consider this reaction as an idiosyncrasy connected with fermentopathia. This is a hypersensivity of a body to an unusual product. It may become aggravated under the influence of external factors on a body, for example, hypothermia, or insolation. In such cases, production of chocolate, cocoa, or coffee antibodies does not occur in the body. Such product is simply difficult to digest, that is why it causes a reaction similar to allergy. At this time, there appears the reaction in the form of a headache, digestive disorders, nettle rash, and spasms. Depending on the health condition, such symptoms may last from one to several days. Such phenomena may repeat after further consumption of the product. It all depends on the mental condition of a person. If the general condition of the body improves, such manifestations of intolerance to the product decrease and may disappear at all.


We have listed the most frequent types of allergy caused by taking specific foods. Therefore, if you are trying a new food or introducing a food to a baby, start feeding it with very small quantity and carefully look at the reaction.

If you have an allergy to some product, exclude it from your diet without hesitation. Furthermore, make sure these products are not found in food offered by supermarkets and restaurants. Always look at the contents of product label on its packaging before buying it. Remember that allergy is an abnormal reaction of the body to food allergen. Many allergic reactions are mild, while others can be severe and life-threatening. When allergic to a certain food, it is essential to be very careful because food allergies can cause severe reactions in the body.