Salt content of food


Often the salt content of food exceeds safe norms of consumption.


Salt is a flavor enhancer and is therefore widely used in cooking

Salt is excreted through the kidneys

Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure

As is common salt

The salt in an ordinary diet comes partly from the food itself, partly as sprinkling salt on food. Calculations show that:

10% comes from primary commodities

50% comes from industrial finished products of meat, bread, margarine, milk and cheese

40% comes from the salt we sprinkle on food

How do you reduce the amount of salt?

By reducing or eliminating the extra salt we sprinkle on food or added in cooking, we can eliminate up to 40% of the salt in an average Danish diet. This is the most simple and also the most effective method. Persons, who are already fit in with the salt, may use other methods.

Foods that are processed and added salt should be limited. Meat, bread and dairy products are essential in any diet, but you can achieve significant reductions of salt in the diet by being conscious of avoiding the most salt-containing products. Especially smoked food is salty. Since only 10% of the salt comes from primary commodities, there is little to be gained by reducing the consumption of these foods.

Salt content of food

Dietary Guidelines for reducing the amount of salt

Use fresh dinner match: Fresh (or frozen) meat and fish. And eat only exceptionally preserved (industrially processed foods), salt blown or smoked food

Use plenty of vegetables without salt addition (such as salads or cooked) and fruit

Boil the potatoes without salt

Do not use salt during cooking of food. You may want sprinkle a little salt substitute on food before you eat it

Use plenty of herbs and spices.

Use pepper and fresh and dried spices instead of salt.

Try it on for example pasta, pizza, fish and soups.

Try garlic, ginger, chili and lime.

Salt content of food

Oven cooking or microwave preserves nature’s own flavors in a good way

Use oil instead of butter when using the frying pan

Buy salt-reduced soups or sauce if you use the finished products. Please make your own soups / sauces that contain little or no salt

If you bake bread yourself: Use 1 teaspoon salt to 1 liter of liquid.

Health is very popular at the moment, and the importance of your health cannot be understated. Salt and health are closely linked - think about your salt consumption.

Salt content in food can reduce unnoticed, if you buy product and carefully read the content of salt in it.

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