Sea Buckthorn Its Useful Properties


Sea buckthorn is a truly amazing berry. Due to its beneficial properties, sea buckthorn is far ahead of the most popular berries, fruits, and vegetables.Sea Buckthorn Of course, its sour taste is not for everyone. However, a great variety of dishes can be made with it, composing a regular diet of any person. The properties of sea buckthorn have already been studied. As a result, this berry has proved to be useful in the nutrition of those who want to stay healthy for many years. All kinds of sweet dishes are made of sea buckthorn, similar to those made of fruits and berries. Also, it is used in sauces.


What Is So Useful about Sea Buckthorn?

Many vitamins and minerals are present in this berry, but there are much many more substances than in other vegetarian foods for people.

Vitamin A

It is enough to eat only 100g of sea buckthorn to meet the daily requirement of carotene. Carotene gradually accumulates in the body, so the sea buckthorn shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities.

Vitamin C

During colds, when you need increased protection against germs, many doctors recommend eating vitamin C. It is really a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from the impact of free radicals. Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system. By eating a handful (50g) of sea buckthorn, you can get 143% of the daily vitamin C dosage (100mg). Even high amounts of vitamin C from natural sources don’t harm any person, which is a stark contrast to drugs that contain this vitamin. Many researchers have even observed the formation of kidney stones when taking increased amounts of synthetic vitamin C.

An important property of sea buckthorn is that the vitamin C is not destroyed in storage. This is because there is no antivitamin called ascorbic oxidase, which reacts with vitamin C and destroys it.

B vitamins

Sea Buckthorn

Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 are found in sea buckthorn in rather large quantities.

Vitamin E

There is so much vitamin E in sea buckthorn, that 100g of this berry contain a daily required amount.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which promotes healthy and normal operation of the genitals. Due to vitamin E, most vitamins keep their properties in the human body and are better digested.


The importance of water-soluble vitamin of the B group can hardly be overstated. Biotin regulates protein and fat metabolism. If there is a lack of it in the body, then high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar occur. The lack of biotin can also cause hypotension and worsen the skin and hair condition. More so, depression and other disorders can occur. The content of biotin in sea buckthorn is moderate, and composes 7% of the daily dosage in only 100g.

Dietary Fiber

Everybody is aware of useful fiber properties. It absorbs harmful substances in the intestine. Because of this, extra cholesterol is utilized from the human body. 100g of sea buckthorn contain 19% of the daily needs of vegetable (dietary) fibers.

Sea Buckthorn - Useful Properties

All parts of the plant are useful for the human health. In addition, they are used in herbal medicine. Most often, sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn oil are used to stop inflammation. Sea buckthorn is used to either eliminate avitaminosis or improve metabolism in the body. Sea buckthorn contributes to improved circulatory and digestive systems.

Except for the pulp of the berries, sea buckthorn oil is very useful too. Sea buckthorn oil has been used since ancient times by many civilizations of the world. A high concentration of carotenoids makes its color orange-red.

Sea buckthorn oil is a source of many nutrients that have curative properties.

Sea buckthorn and its oil are used for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, improved vision, and in the postoperative period, to improve healing of injuries.

Sea buckthorn can be used in more than just in sweet dishes. Instead of lemon, sea buckthorn is used as a seasoning for meat and fish. You can make sauces and sandwich spreads with it.

Sandwich Spread from Sea Buckthorn

Sandwich sea buckthorn spread is made by grinding a handful of sea buckthorn berries. If you do not like small pits of sea buckthorn, then rub crushed berries. Then add 100g of butter, a pinch of sugar, chopped dill or parsley, salt to taste, and curry the seasoning if desired.

Sea buckthorn is also good in desserts, as it adds flavor to the dishes.