Spanish rice with meat



1 ib. 10 oz. (740 g) calf from the mouse-round into pieces


10 oz. (280 g) yellow pumpkin into cubes

5 oz. (140g) rice Carolina

4 fl. oz. (105 g) extra virgin Altis Oil

4 medium potatoes diced

14 oz. (400 g) classic tomato chopped Pummaro

2 green peppers into pieces

2 green apples diced

2 onions into rings

1 clove of garlic finely chopped

1 piece of celery, chopped

1 bay leaf

1 tsp. thyme

1 tsp. marjoram

1 tsp. parsley

1 tsp. coriander

Spanish rice with meat
3,5 tablespoons (50 ml) dry white wine

1 Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pots

Salt and freshly ground pepper

How to cook:

1. Sauté pieces of the meat in a small saucepan.

2. In another pot put tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic and to sauté.

3. In the meat add the celery, bay leaf, thyme, marjoram, parsley and coriander. Then, put the salt, pepper, pour wine, close the pot lid and cook on medium heat for 1 hour.

4. Now add apples, pumpkin and 1 cup of water along with homemade broth Knorr and to cook for another 20 minutes.

At this time, boil the rice in a different pan, after you put salt in the water and add the rice along with the meat.

5. The Spanish rice with meat is ready. If you want rice with meat put in half a pumpkin or melon, dry them in the oven for a while.