The Benefits of Drinking Water


Water is vital to physical health. We usedrinking waterevery day without even thinking how valuable it is for our life. We replaced it by coffee, tea, stewed fruit, juices and carbonated water. However, our body also needs a clean fluid, without any additives and extra calories.Drinking wateris involved in all vital processes of our body; it helps to remove harmful substances from organism. The quality ofdrinking water, which we use every day, is essential to our health. The amount of water effects on the condition of our body as well. Human body has itswater balance. What is it? If some water goes away from the body, the same amount of fluid must be replaced. If thewater balancebecomes disturbed and negative, a person feels thirsty.


The more water goes out of the body and does not come from inside, the worse the person feels. Having reached a certain critical level (20 %) people die. From another side, a large amount ofdrinking wateris also harmful to our health. Greater water consumption causes a positivewater balance. Daily consumption ofdrinking waterbesides the needs of a human body, leads to overload of the heart and kidneys; it has a negative effect on all the human organs and it also washes out of the body nutrients, vitamins and microelements. It entails the failure of the whole organism and variety of diseases afterwards.

How MuchWatershould YouDrinka Day?

How Much Water should You Drink a Day?Scientists estimate people should consume a minimum of 64 ounces a day. A person who is overweight should drink an additional 8 ounces for every 25 pounds over his ideal weight. However, these values depend on the conditions of a person’s life. Many people drink as much as two gallons daily with no ill effects. In a hot climate or during physical exercises fluid loss is higher than in normal conditions. Most experts recommend 64 ounces a day, which is about eight glasses a day. This norm consists ofdrinking waterand all the liquid contained in food. Many foods and beverages contribute to your total fluid intake. We eat meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and bread, which contain a significant quantity of water. The amount of water coming with solid food is about 33 oz.

The rest of necessarydrinking watercomes with tea, coffee or fruit compotes. Unlimited consumption ofdrinking waterbefore eating, especially if you follow the fashionable water diet, leads to dilution of gastric juice. It entails a breach of the digestive system. A person might lose weight due to this reason, but it is not healthy weight reduction. In some cases, while stomachache, doctors recommenddrink waterhalf an hour before meals. Usually it is cold mineral water with a high content of sulfates. It stimulates production of gastric juice, thereby helping to digest food. As thewater balanceis a vital factor of human proper state, you should not trust various recommendations of unreasonable water consumption increase. By using a variety of diet, you can only hurt your body.

Determine the quantity of water your body needs. Intake should include water itself and amount of water that you are getting with food. Intake should spread over the course of a day. Drinking too much of any liquid at one time will make a person very ill.

You candrink water,soda, coffee, tea, juice or slightly mineralized water. While soda, coffee, or teas provide hydration, water is the best option for anyone. Water has zero calories and provides optimal hydration. However, always follow the norms of water consumption a day.

Try toDrink WaterCleaned from Contaminants

How Much Water should You Drink a Day?Have you ever tasted spring water or water from a mountain source? It does not smell and has no particular taste, how nice it’s to drink this water. Drink water purified from harmful impurities, which is pleasant to taste. If water is cleaned badly, it may contain bacteria, viruses and toxic substances, which can get into the body. Usually tap water conforms to the cleaning norms, established by the state.

It’s a matter of taste;drink water, which is the best for you. Some people are used to drink bottled water, others prefer tap water. Ifdrinking wateris of a good quality, you can drink it as much as it’s necessary for your body. The body needs water nothing substitutes for water. Hopefully through reading this article, you learn more about water and its many valuable properties.

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