Tips How to Gain Healthy Weight


To loseweight isreally a great problem for 95% of people, who try to, but what about gaining it? It appears to be rather challenging for many, because there must be some certain rules that do not have bad influence on health, and which a person should obey.


When you are to gain healthyweight, overeating and the so-called empty-caloriefoods are not the answers you are to look for.

Frequent Eating

Eating is the significant thing you need, when you intend to gain extra pounds. Surely, you are to eat much more, than you use to. Though you are to eat food high in calories. There must be a certainweightintake diet. You diet should include only those foods that help to gain weight. Six meals per day is a perfect start for your “weight gain diet”. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks should be taken at intervals through the day. Remember that your primary aim is to eat every 3 hours.

Milk, vegetables and fruit, cheese and chicken, steak and nuts are the products to feast on. Consume fresh fruit every day and drink four glasses of milk. This won’t have any negative influence on yourhealth. If you plan meals carefully, then yourweightgain program will be successful.

Drink A Lot!

Drinking juices provide you calories, minerals and vitamins. Make various yogurts with bananas, peanut butter and strawberries. Be cautious using protein powders that are included into your shakes, as they can be filled with artificial ingredients.

You should drink half of a gallon of water per day. If you can more, do it! Dehydration leads to varioushealthproblems.


That does not mean you should eat fat. Healthy fat is found in nuts, vegetables, olives, oil, avocados, etc. Avoid eating palm oil and coconut as they contain saturated fats. Best choices for healthyweightgain are seeds, nuts, peanuts, and almond butter.

You should keep a food diary. That is a so-called strategy that really helps you to gainweight. To realize how manycaloriesyou consume, you should track what and how frequent you drink and eat. As gainingweightis a great challenge, focus on building lean mass, and not fat.

Be Active!

If you only eat, you gain pounds and fat. Training helps to gain muscles. It builds muscle tissue, which helps to ensure healthy pounds gain. Do simple exercising like bicycling, swimming, and jogging. This helps to work out heart muscles.


This is a food group which helps many men who try to gain healthyweight.As carbohydrates are stored in muscles, they provide energy a person needs to create body tissue. Carbs are significant for building muscles and fueling the whole process.

Get Enough Sleep

You should sleep a lot. This is a simple way to gainweight,but it is neglected. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day, will improve body functioning. This is the time, when your body rebuilds muscles and prevents turning food into fat.

Get Lifting

It is significant to compliment eating with weightlifting. Make sure you do this correctly. Work 4 times per week. You need to focus on exercises like dead lifts, squats, bench press, bent over rows, military press, etc. These exercises help to turn extra pounds into your muscles and assist in gainingweight.

Every time you work out, add someweight, as it helps to strengthen the muscles you have. Focusing on strength, you improve the size of muscles.


Remember, that you should drink water and juices, but alcohol should be limited. . Try 4 ounces of wine or 5 ounces of beer before a meal. Alcohol stimulates appetite, so you eat more. This recommendation should be check with your doctor, as many people havehealthproblems, and this recommendation can have a bad influence.