Spices For Health


Among the first medicine used thousands of years ago there were mainly herbs and all kinds ofspices for health.


Unfortunately the wisdom of treatment with their help was lost in a course of centuries. Nevertheless our stalls are flooded with all kinds ofspices,flavorsand herbs. And we just pass by not knowing the magic hidden in these goods.

Why not pamper your taste along with pleasant healthcare?

Look at the top 10 of the most delicious and generally availablespices for health.

1. Garlic

GarlicIt must be one of the most widespread herbal medicines known almost in every country in the form ofspices. Its antibacterial effect has justified itself throughout the centuries. It greatly reduces blood pressure and is widely used for treatment various infectious diseases.

2. Ginger

GingerThe medical properties of the plant are as rich as its smell. Thisspicewas really created for health as it performs anti-inflammatory effect so it’s extremely effective while treating cold, migraine and arthritis which are thought to be a result of inflammation. It also warms you in cold winter evenings and inspires you to creative actions. It is adapted to treating gastroenteritis and motion sickness. Its root is usually shallowly grated for tee and additionallyflavoredwith honey, cinnamon and orange or lemon.

3. Thyme

ThymeIts oil is very effective in eradicating bacteria just in 60 minutes. It is also used as the main active component in various mouthwashes. On the stalls you may find it fresh as well as dried and be sure it didn’t lose its qualities. Often thyme tee is given to women in childbirth. Also used for coughs and bronchitis as a realspice for health.

4. Rosemary

RosemaryRosemary must be widely used in cooking, beginning with all sorts of marinades to mashed potatoes enriching your dishes with exclusive smell and taste. The scientists believe that thespicehelps to reduce the risk of cancer. Rosemary oils stimulate nervous system, breathing and blood circulation. But it is not adapted to small children, pregnant women and epileptics.

5. Cinnamon

CinnamonThisspicemust be number one for those suffering from diabetes. The level of blood sugar greatly affects the appetite and the inability of the organism to regulate the level of sugar is the main cause of this disease as well as obesity and other following disorders. It was discovered that cinnamon, as aspice for health, mimics insulin and trigger the receptors which regulate the height of sugar level.

6. Cumin

CuminCumin is known to be one of the main sources of iron in our ration. Moreover it is available for nothing. It is also likely, as well as cinnamon, to reduce the level of glucose in blood. Thisspice for healthalso possesses antibacterial properties and is especially effective in killing bacteria which causing stomach ulcers. Cumin is very useful in treating digestive disorders and diarrhea. Women also use it to increase the flow of breast milk during lactation.

7. Nutmeg

NutmegThis small seed has sweet taste and is often used in cooking. Thisspice, so tenderly caring for your health contains components which are believed to prevent heart diseases as they make the blood cells not so sticky and not likely to form a blood clot. It also possesses antibacterial effect. But thisspiceis not only for health. The Dutch traditionally add nutmeg to mashed potatoes, vegetables and they love toflavorpasta, beef stew and fruit puddings. Its usage is considered to be the best way of soothing one’s nerves and mind. Though its large doses of 12 teaspoons or more and may cause convulsions and nausea.

8. Turmeric

TurmericTurmeric is a strong antioxidant, represents anti-inflammatory effect, detoxification and choleretic. It is also thought of as a natural antibiotic which does not affect the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and does not damage the liver. Theflavoris often used to prevent cardiovascular disease and heart stroke.

9. Cloves

ClovesDue to antimicrobial action thisspice for health eliminates diarrhea along with intestinal infections, improves digestion and reduces gas in the loops of intestine. Eugenol, which is contained in thisflavor, is a powerful antiseptic. Carnation redeems from muscle spasms and diaphragmatic, an excellent help with hiccups.

10. Coriander

CorianderInfusions and decoctions of thisspicefor healthhelp to improve digestion. Widely used for the treatment of prostatitis, gallstones and inflammation of the pancreas.