Two Top spices for cooking sweet dishes


Passion for spices comes imperceptibly. Creating culinary masterpieces is a real art when you use the aroma of overseas and home spices. Using certain aromas in your dishes, you will want to try others too. This way the acquaintance with the pleasant world of unusual tastes and smells occurs. In addition, you want to continue experimenting.


Since ancient times, spices have been used to improve the taste of dishes and to cure. People considered that spices possessed miraculous property to restore health and even prolong youth.

At present, learning the composition of many spices, scientists have found useful qualities in them. Most amazing quality is ability to improve person’s health. Spices influence the immune system favorably, improve digestion, and help to maintain good condition of the skin. Spices are healthy product, adding a piquant taste and a pleasant smell to food.


Vanilla is an essential ingredient in many sweet food items, including cookies, cakes, and icecream.

Vanilla is a perennial liana’s pod that twines around supports like tall trees. A pod is 8 inches long and 0.4 inches across. There are small seeds in the pod of dark-brown color, which convey such a wonderful aroma to this spice. The best vanilla kinds have a thin coating of light crystals on the pod. Vanilla is a heat-loving plant. Vanilla’s natural habitat is Mexico and Central America. Vanilla plants grow mainly in Madagascar, equator islands and Indonesia. The main vanilla supplier is the island Madagascar. Variety of vanilla species can be divided into 3 main groups. The best vanilla pods are considered Mexican long, 8 inches and longer, soft, flexible, unbreakable, slightly oily, bow-shaped, brown color. Vanilla smell should be without any mixtures. Vanilla aroma is so persistent that it can be preserved within a few tens of years with the correct storage. Bourbon vanilla from the islands of Madagascar and Réunion is of least quality, its fruits are smaller and the coloring is almost black. There is also Indonesian vanilla, Mauritian vanilla, and vanilla from the Polynesian islands.Vanilla

There’s also less precious vanilla. It doesn’t smell like vanilla. It has a smell reminding a southern flower heliotrope.

Vanilla is used for making cakes, chocolate, biscuits and other products and desserts. It is added in a ground form, and when saturating biscuits and cakes in the form of syrups. Because during baking a part of the aroma is lost, it is put either in the dough or into a cooked product while it is still hot. Vanilla is often used in cold sweet dishes. If biscuits need to be saturated, vanilla syrup is used. To use it in a powdery form, vanilla is ground with sugar. A half of the stick of an average size can be ground with 1.0 lb. of sugar. If you want to sprinkle a cake or another product with vanilla sugar, you can put a piece of vanilla stick into sugar or sugar powder. Sugar gradually absorbs vanilla aroma. That’s why it can be used as vanilla sugar. Vanilla possesses a precious quality of a pleasant influence on a person. It improves the state of the nervous system and creates the sense of soul comfort.


  Allspice Allspice is an unusual spice. Allspice acts and tastes like an awesome blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.. This spice can be used for meat, vegetables, sweets, cakes, and jams. Not every spice includes such a range.

Allspice is not relative to black pepper. These are unripe fruits of the evergreen medicinal tree Pimenta that grows in tropical woods. This plant is grown in India, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands. Unripe berries of blue-green color are collected and then dried. We get allspice in large brown peas or in a ground form. Allspice is a perfect additive to the meat dishes, especially to mutton. It is used in vegetable soups. Spinach puree acquires a slightly burning taste and a pleasant aroma. Fish dishes acquire a brighter taste with allspice. Sweet dishes get an original taste and a tender aroma, especially buns, rolls and fruit desserts. To fancy products and cakes allspice is added in a blend with cinnamon or cardamom. Cinnamon has a harsher and stronger smell, that is why you should put less of it than allspice. A good combination is allspice and cardamom in equal amounts. Allspice also has therapeutic qualities. It can be added to tea, improving digestion.

Use these spices in your meals and they will bring you health and great moods.Give it a try!