Weight of a newborn and healthy pregnancy


The delivery of a baby is an event full of joy for the parents.


They want their baby to be healthy, strong and to develop well. Every mother is curious to know what birth weight is normal for a baby.

Every newborn child is very different. Doctors consider the normal weight of a newborn to range from 5 pounds 8 ounces to 8 pounds 13 ounces. The required condition is that the birth of a baby take place between the 37th and 40th weeks.

Birth weight is influenced by various factors.

1. If a baby is born before the appointed time, their weight is, considerably less than that of children born in due time.

2. Genetic characteristics play an important role in the height of a newborn. Weight of a newborn is in proportion to their height. Thus, tall parents get larger babies with that weight more than people of average height.

3. If multiple babies are born simultaneously, these children have less weight and height. This is natural for normal development because space is limited inside the mother’s uterus, and multiple babies are smaller and lighter in oder to fit. to If a mother is pregnant with twins or more children, child birth is more often premature. This leads to the the weight of every baby being below normal.

4. A baby’s gender influences birth weight. Usually with other equal conditions, the weight of a newborn boy is larger than the weight of a newborn girl. This difference occurs in height as well, as boys are usually born bigger.

5. If expecting parents already have children, the newborn often weighs more than their brothers or sisters.

Weight of a newborn 6. An important factor is the healthy pregnancy of a woman Weight of a newborn depends on this. If a pregnant woman follows a healthy regime and eats healthy food, the weight of a newborn should be normal.

7. A mother’s lifestyle before her baby’s birth has a great influence on the weight of the newborn. Alcohol consumption and smoking lower the weight of a newborn. Additionally, alcohol and smoking urge pathologies in a baby’s health. If a pregnant woman uses drugs, a baby can have even more serious consequences. If a mother wants to deliver a healthy baby with a healthy weight, she needs to give up drugs long before the conception of a baby and avoid them while pregnant.

That’s why it’s so important to lead a healthy lifestyle, follow daily regime and eat healthy while pregnant. Not only do the weight and height of a newborn depend on this, but also further development and health of a baby. A healthy pregnancy always lowers the possibility of a pathological delivery.

8. The health of the Parents influences what their baby will be like. Usually a mother’s disease influences lower or higher birth weight.

If a woman desiring to become a mother has high arterial pressure, this disease should be treated before pregnancy. This is true also for heart diseases. Before the pregnancy, it’s important to take all the measures to improve your health so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

If not, a baby can be born with a low weight and unhealthly conditions. Often if a mother suffers from diabetes, a baby can be born with excess weight. This can lead to a different deviation in the baby’s tolerance, as well as aggravation of the mother’s condition. If a woman has a largefetus and her health state is dramatically aggravated, she resorts to artificial child birth to in order to avoid the death of the baby and improve the mother’s condition.

Weight of a newborn

A large fetus may develop when there’s blood incompatibility in rhesus factor for the pregnant woman and the child she is bearing.

That’s why during pregnancy a doctor’s supervision and consultations are required. The weight of a newborn and their health depends on the mother’s healthy pregnancy. Parents’ hereditary diseases may be passed on to the child, which is why a doctor’s constant supervision over a pregnant woman’s health and weight changes are so important. A rise in weight of a newborn is influenced by some diseases linked to the mother’s metabolism. This may lead to overbearing and an increase in weight of a newborn.

A large fetus is due to an innapropriate diet of the pregnant woman. A potential problem is a large quantity of carbohydrates in her diet as well as the overconsumption of salty foods. This provokes water retention in the organism and promotes fetus growth. That’s why the eating regime and a healthy diet must be followed to deliver a healthy baby.

All expecting parents desire a healthy newborn with a normal weight.