What food is good for the brain part 2


You tend to raise the potential of your brain, improve the memory and stop suffering from depression. You want to be successful and be able to solve any problems. That is why you should pay attention to nutrition food for the brain, which contains a lot of microelements.


Which microelements are useful for the work of the brain?

Phosphorus. Nerve cells of the brain are produced under the influence of phosphorus. Therefore it is essential for the work of the brain.

Zink improves mental abilities of the brain, lowers a chance of depression, stress aftermath, mental diseases and promotes assimilation of carotenes. Zink also helps elderly people to avoid dotage stimulating work of capillaries in the brain.

Selenium is an essential element for protecting cells against decay products. It eases the tiresome and lowers the risk of tumors occurrence.

Chromium improves work of central nervous system.

Manganese prevents fatigability and diseases of central nervous system.

Calcium ions take part in passing of impulses within central nervous system making the brain work more effective.

Selenium Iodine positively influences the central nervous system, prevents apathy, and sluggishness.

good for the brainMagnesium helps to fight depression, improves memory and corrects the work of vestibular apparatus of the brain.

Sulfur saturates the brain cells with oxygen.

We have mentioned elements essential for the work of the brain.

Which products contain these elements?

For the replenishment of Phosphorus you should consume liver, green pea, tree nut, hazel nut, cauliflower, pear, porridges made of barley and oat.

Zinc is presented in blueberry, bananas, cacao beans, and green pea. Porridges made of buckwheat, wheat, oat, and rice are also good for the brain. Milk, yogurt and are good sources of Zinc. Sea water fish, krill and mussel are food for the brain as well.

You can get Selenium from apricots, coconut drink, almond, hazel nuts, tree nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, soy, olives, and carbs.

 Food that containFood that contain high amounts of chromium include green pea, soy, green beans potatoes, corn, onion, and garden radish. Porridges made of buckwheat and oat, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are rich in Chromium. You can also find Chromium in milk, yogurt, meat, eggs and sea water fish.

Manganese is found in coconut drink, gooseberry, blueberry, soy, green beans, cacao, chocolate, green tea, leaf vegetables, garden radish, tomatoes and beetroot. Porridges made of buckwheat, oat and rice have a certain amount of Manganese. Milk, yogurt, meat, hazel and tree nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds also contain manganese.

Calcium is found in parsley and spinach. You can find a lot of Calcium in milk, yogurt, cheese and carbs. Millet and barley porridges will enrich your organism with Calcium positively affecting the work of your brain. Wheat bran, hazel and tree nuts will help you to supply the organism with Calcium.

Iodine is found in sea girdle, seafood, cod liver, salmon, pollack, and sole. By consuming these foods you will enrich your body with this microelement. There is insignificant amount of Iodine in beef, haricot, carrot beetroot and potatoes.

Magnesium is found in apricots, watermelon, bananas, almond, raisins, prunes, leaf vegetables, and beetroot. The porridges have significant amount of Magnesium as well. Among them are porridges made of buckwheat, oat, miller, rice and barley. Milk, yogurt, sea water fish, meat, hazel and tree nuts, and bran are also containing Magnesium.

Sulfur is presented in milk, meat, eggs, seafood, grape, and apples in the amount needed for the organism. Porridges made of buckwheat and oat can also serve as a source of Sulfur. You can find Sulfur in cabbage, onion and garlic.

We have listed the basic substances essential for proper functioning of the brain, and the products containing significant amount of these microelements. Use these natural foods to cook healthy and delicious dishes. If your diet is healthy, good food for the brain will become good food for the entire organism. Healthy food will balance your diet and develop a lifetime of habits that will keep you healthy for many years.

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