What is a good breakfast


What is a good breakfast? Many people ask this question. Alarm clock rings. You hurry to get ready to go to work. Maybe you do not even have time to eat, so you rush out the door without breakfast. You bet instead that a colleague has taken bread with, so you can eat the obligatory white piece of bread with butter and jam when you arrive.


Healthy breakfast ideas are a true dilemma that many of us face every day. Either we do not have time to eat breakfast, or we may not have healthiest options.

If your colleague has not taken bread with, then it's a problem because you start the day on an empty stomach. This means that once you have started with your work, then your blood sugar too low and you go sugar cold. The result is often that you eat candy, a chocolate bar or a piece of cake.

The same problem occurs if you still choose a piece of white bread with jam, as it saturates for very long, and at the same time has a high sugar content, which means that your blood sugar gets too low, shortly after.

But it is possible to get a good start on the day:

Stand for example, up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Although it is only 15 minutes, so they give you more value if you use them on your breakfast, rather than spend it on, to snooze the alarm clock a little longer.

9 following examples are just a few ideas for your healthy start to the day.

In general, look for protein without too much saturated fat. Take whole grains. Look for low-fat dairy or soy options. And look for fiber and nutrients.

1) Oats Porridge with honey, almonds and cinnamon

It is quite fast to make: take 1 dl of oatmeal and 2 dl of water. Into the microwave for 2 minutes and then you have oatmeal. Sprinkle with cinnamon, a little honey and almonds. Oatmeal stabilizes blood sugar and saturates long.

2) Take coarse rolled oats with milk / skimmed milk and raisins.

This is where it should go fast, and you otherwise like cold food for breakfast.

3) 2-3 coarse slices of crispbread with low-fat cheese.

This can possibly be standing on your work, if one day you anyway do not have time to eat at home, then you know that you have the opportunity to have breakfast on the job.

4) 1-2 slices of rye bread with deli meats, or fat cheese

Toast bread slice sausage on the toaster, it gets really delicious and crispy crust.

5) Low-fat yogurt with muesli

But remember to choose a cereal that has high fiber and low in sugar.

6) Low-fat yogurt with homemade muesli and fresh fruit

This is the luxury version of the ordinary muesli with yoghurt. This is, for example. well as weekend breakfast. The good thing, to make your own muesli is that you decide how much sugar and fat, you put in. The fruit can be anything from melon, pineapple, apples or berries.

7) Homemade gross muffins with jam

It is not forbidden to put jam on his food, as long as the bread is rough - but you must remember that the jam should be in limited quantities.

8) Soft-boiled eggs with toast gross

This is not everyday breakfast, but a healthy alternative for the weekend, where it may well be a little more delicious.

9) Scrambled eggs with tomato, chives, turkey bacon and toasted rye bread

You can make another delicious and healthy breakfast for the weekend. Now that you've bought turkey bacon and the browning it in the pan, so be careful not to pour too much fat in the pan. If you have too much fat, so you can put the bacon on a paper towel after frying. So it can drain away. Now you have an idea of ?

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