What is healthy weight for height and age


Healthy weight for height and age.


We meet different people in our everyday life. They are chubby, skinny, normal, young and old. They all built differently. However, what should be healthy weight and growth, in order to consider condition of an individual normal? People have been trying to define these body characteristics since the ancient times, since they are always different for every age category. Moreover, each nationality has its own standard of healthy weight depending on a height, age and gender of a person. Such terms as stoutness and leanness are quite unclear and broad. Experts claim that weight of a healthy individual becomes normal when his physiological growth is finished. At this particular point human’s body has no excessive fat and an interlayer of fat is within 2/3 of an inch. Such body weight thought to be healthy for these height and age.

Physiological classification for types of builds.

Before we start to talk about stoutness and leanness, we should take into an account the characteristics of different people according to the data about their physiological build. According to G. Sheldon there are 3 groups of human’s body builds:

Asthenic group or ectomorphs is characterized by stretched and lean body, narrow shoulders, flat chest, and underdeveloped muscles. The weight for height is below an average.

Endomorphs this group includes thickset people, with big bones and some extra fat on different parts of body. The muscles are not visible through the layer of fat. The weight for height is above an average.

Mesomorphs these are people with developed muscles, bulging chest, and wide shoulders. Male’s body is triangle-shaped. Female’s figure has pronounced shapes with slender waist, wide hips, bulging bosom. These people have proper weight for height. Physiologists determine healthy weight of the body according to belonging to any of these types.

Physiological classification for types of builds

Mixed types mixed groups are often met too. Someone can be fine-boned but with pretty developed muscles or with some fat. There are also big-boned people who have no fat at all. In such cases normal weight for height can be different. Physiological features of the build depend on the heredity. Each individual is genetically falls into a certain group. That is why an adjustment of the weight of one’s body is required in case of obesity.

How to define healthy weight for height and age?

One method of defining healthy weight based on determination of a bodymass index. Use scales to measure your weight. Then measure your height.

The calculation is as follows:

Bodymass index = m : h²

m is the weight of your body in kilos

h² is square of height in meters

For example, your weight is 70 kg and your height is 1 m 168 cm

Square of height 1,68 x 1,68 = 2,82

Now we make the calculation 70 kg : 2,82 = 24,8

If your index is higher than 25, it is a time to think about fitness.

If it is lower than 18, you are too lean.

Different methods of calculating healthy weight for height and age are existed today. One of them takes into an account gender of an individual. The weight calculator is a fast way to know how much fat your body has. With no efforts you will be able to decide whether any weight correction should be applied or not.

Don’t try to reach trite standards.

Don’t try to reach trite standards

If you are willing to lose some weight and trying to find the fanciest diet, do not hurry up. Come up to a mirror and look at your reflection. People often tend to look like some models from glossy magazines. It is a wrong way. First, you need to define your healthy weight for height and age. If it is a bit above the average, it is not so sad. Often athentic shapes do not look very good. Do few extra pounds add some piquancy to your figure?

However if your weight is far above the healthy weight, you’d better follow our recommendations. With our advice on how to take healthy drinks, and prepare dietary meals you will be able to bring your weight to a healthy level. Don’t believe those ads about fancy and easy diets, where you are promised to lose your weight in dramatically short terms. Rapid loss of weight will have harmful influence on your endocrine system. It is the system which controls healthy weight. You viscera also may suffer from it.

That is why turning back to healthy weight for height and age should be gradual. Even if you have gained a few extra pounds, it doesn’t mean you need to reconsider all of your eating habits.